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Danny Krivit (718 Sessions, Body & Soul NYC) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)

“My first introduction to Kerri Chandler was Get It Off by Three Generations. I was playing at Tracks in New York at the time…..a golden period of house music, even over 20 years later, certainly still one of my favorites. Something I can easily play for almost any audience. Which is part of my reason for choosing it, as there certainly is a ridiculously long list of Kerri favorites to choose from!”


Franck Roger (Real Tone Records, Sole Channel Records, Paris – France) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic 1990)
“My favorite track is “Get It Off”, even if it’s very hard to choose as Kerri done so many good ones. This track is so old school, with a taste of sadness and melancholia. This track has had a strong influence on my life.”


Rob Wunderman (Simply Cool Music) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)

“When it comes to picking a favorite tune from Kerri’s stellar catalog, I must say this it is very challenging.  Challenging only in the manner of having a very hard decision to narrow it down to just one song. Damn! Kerri’s catalog is brilliant and in my opinion he has never steered far from his underground roots. This is part of the genius of Kerri, with releases on Nervous, King Street, Large, Deeply Rooted, Madhouse, Downtown 161, Shelter, Movin’ and most recently on his own labels Grei Matter & Max Trax.

I’ve also been handling Kerri’s business affairs for at least twelve years, and one of the nicest parts of this is that I have never heard a negative comment regarding his DJ, production, social and professional skills. Never!

Regarding a title to choose, I will say “Get It Off” / “Set it Off” which was eventually released by Atlantic Records. I was a DJ at the Limelight in NYC at the time and when I dropped this record people loved it from the start. 2000 people dancing to new House and I loved it.  But the part of the song that got to me most was Kerri’s use of a scratch right in the middle of the song (it sounded like he had just pulled the turntable arm holding the needle directly across the wax).  This was so very dope and created a beautiful transition from the first part of the song into the middle part. Kerri is also a lover of technology and embraces it all to create music that stands the test of time. As a friend Kerri is the best.”


Caspar Aka Dj Cassie 6 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – ”Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)
“Back in 1990/1991, my lifelong musical friend DJ KC the Funkaholic played saturdays in Club RoXY in Amsterdam, during it’s 10 years existence it was already a legendary club, and for me KC the best resident DJ. One of outstanding tracks KC played was “Get It Off” by Three Generations – the obvious feature of the track, besides being ‘damn’ funky, is the ‘zip’ sound, which played on the right moment, took the club apart! Truly Memorable. Obviously I played it all through my 25years DJ career.
Years later, it’s creator Kerri Chandler became a dear colleague & friend and in one of many legendary sleepless nights hanging in Amsterdam hotel-rooms (music-sessions, mind you!), he told me the story of “Kerri 6:23 KAOZ Chandler”, and also the origin of the ‘zip’, which are interlinked. This placed everything in a completely different perspective.”
Kerri, I truly love you as a very talented musician and producer, incredible fellow DJ, and a friend! Thank U for those years!”


Nick V (Mona, Paris France) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic 1990)
“My first Kerri Chandler experience was via ‘Get it off’ released as Three Generations on Atlantic records in 1990. Of course at this time I never knew it was a Kerri Chandler track and never even knew who Kerri was, it took me another two years to know more about him. This was back in the day when there was no internet (and even computers for many including myself) – information travelled so slowly! When I actually discovered that this was a Kerri Chandler track it was to my great surprise as it doesn’t ressemble his later work. However as with the great majority of his music I fell instantly in love with it’s emotionnal power, warm basslines and intensely infectious drum patterns (my favourite part is when the needle rips through the vinyl)! This was being played by rave djs (so different to today’s deep house scene) and receiving air play on the best dance radio shows in Paris (Laurent Garnier and Guillaume la Tortue on Radio Nova). I had it on tape for years before acquiring a vinyl copy. ‘Get It Off’ embodies such a magic period in electronic music and club culture for me that it will always remain one of the strongest records in my collection. When I play it out in clubs it’s only for those special moments!”


bb note: “If you don’t know the story behind the title & infamous ‘record rip’ through the middle, check out Kerri explaining what happened in his life at this time. It will take your appreciation to a whole new level. Watch Kerri’s ‘Red Bull Music Academy’ interview here“

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