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Dj Rork (Stalwart, Paris – France) – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“Donc, j’ai choisi ce classic de Kerri parmi tant d’autres parce qu’il caractérise bien le travail de Kerri avec ses beats et bass si reconnaissable… J’ai réalisé cet edit avec un son plus clean et remasterisé pour l’un de ces anniversaires il y a quelques années, que je lui donna en main propre. Quelle fut ma surprise et un pure bonheur de l’écouter lors de son passage suivant sur Paris avec un petit clin d’oeil de la part de Kerri en ma direction! J’adore ce mec, qui comme beaucoup ont apportés une patte, un son, à notre music que l’on aime tant!

I choose “Drink on Me”, classic Kerri among thousands as it represents for me Kerri’s beats and bass that you never fail to recognize. I did the edit of that track with a cleanless and remasterized music for one of his birthday years ago. I gave it to him hand by hand. What a surprise and a pure bliss to hear him playing it when he came back to Paris afterwards, with a wink in my direction! I really appreciate this man, as many others, he broughts his signature,  a different music to House music which we all love.”


Alex From Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star, NYC) – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“Lots of unforgettable memories of Kerri and his music from growing up as a house kid in Tokyo in the late 80s, then Paris from 1991 and visiting NYC at least once a year since 1989. Kerri has always been around my house music life. He definitely invented and came up with his own raw emotional fat bottom heavy bass signature house sound and mix. So many different tracks and songs with that Kerri New Jersey sound I love to choose from.
I loved so much the Three Generations EP with both “Super lover” and “Get if Off”, they were underground hits in early house clubs in Tokyo like Picasso, Cave when it came out in 1990. Later, I remember so well Larry Levan playing Dreamer G “I Got That Feeling” all the time during his Harmony Tour in Japan in ’92. It was such a beautiful deep emotional male vocal, romantic love, garage house song, Larry feeling it and working it, it changed my life! Track 1 on the Atmosphere EP was the big track in all the underground clubs in Tokyo like at club Yellow.
But I have to say my favorite Kerri record today is one of his first songs, “Drink on me” by Teule which he produced. I keep playing it! For me on the emotional level “Drink on me” was THE track. I was already obssessed by Sylvester “Over and Over”, but the way Kerri sampled it, used it and combined it with Telle’s voice & the vibe: it was BEYOND everything else! It was such a unique track, very raw, the samples, that classic keyboard, it was definitely a combination of unforgettable soulful melancholic emotions and uptempo disco/house black music sounds. To these days I still have goose bumps everytime I listen to it. A total Tokyo and NYC/New Jersey timeless classic for me!
To finish, I want to add that in 2000 in Tokyo, Kerri gave me my 1st remix offer, Big Moses feat Jan’elle- For You on the label Bassmental, and he kind of helped us giving us our production name Tokyo Black Star. Happy birthday Kerri and thank you so much for all of your inspiration!”


Christian Rushhour – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“His first record and it is easily his best, to me. Best use ever of Sylvester’s Over & Over and probably the first to lift it. Crazy essential.”

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