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Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’ (My Love Is Underground) – “Hooked On Love – Kerri Chandler” (Freetown – 1996)

“Being a hard-core Kerri fan, it’s hard to pick only one track……But I would say “Hooked On Love” which is on the Hemisphere album. When I used to follow Kerri at every party around 2005/2006, I was always asking him to play this track (and he was always playing it). That break coming in at the beginning of the track always gave me goosebumps and always will do. It is underground house music perfection: it perfectly symbolizes the “Kaoz 6:23″ madness, for those who know and feel what I’m talking about. Kerri’s keys, Chevell’s vocals, this track is such a gem…
During years spent in my room playing records alone I always dreamt of dropping (or even just hearing) this track in a packed club one day….and this dream actually came true recently (see the reaction to me dropping it for the first time below – 1minute & 25 seconds in) Kerri, you hooked us on love!”

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