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Karizma aka Kaytronik aka K2 (Kohesive, Kaytronik Productions, R2 Records) – “Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“My favourite track (and there are many) is Hallelujah. I’m a church boy and I know the sample very well because as a kid I listened to a lot of Shirley Ceasar. It takes me back to my childhood and that is the best thing a track or song can do, is take you back to a good time in your life. Thank you Kerri for that. Love ya man.”


Tedd Patterson (Cielo) – ”Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“Where do I start? “Hallelujah”. I was hooked as soon as the bass dropped in. Kerri has a knack for producing a lot of funk in his tracks whilst all the while keeping it musical and energetic. I really admire that. And he’s not afraid of using the kick. I still Bang this record when I can! He’s one of the few house producers whose productions have influenced my sound.”


Rocco Rodamaal (Lyon, France) – ”Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“Le Morceau de Kerri Chandler qui m’a vraiment marqué et je n’en suis pas le seul!! C’est “Hallelujah” (Kaoz Club Mix) en 1996 sur King Street Sounds. Ce track a été pour moi comment dire? Le tube des années 96 lorsque je jouais à L’Ambassade à Lyon avec une totale émeute sur le dancefloor au début du track! C’est la réunion de tout ce que l’Amérique pouvait représenter à mes yeux!
Le Gospel à son état pure, le gros son des clubs où les danseurs, Comme moi, transpiraient et rentraient en transe à l’écoute de ce titre et à travers lequel on pouvait imaginer un grand message d’espoir pour l’humanité ! Ce track est brutal, Groovy et explosif! Aujourd’hui encore je le joue dans mes sets, c’est un classic! Aussi ce morceau m’a été d’une très grande inspiration dans la production de mon track “Someday” (sur Real Tone), sans “Hallelujah” de Kerri je n’aurais certainement jamais eu l’idée de le faire! Alors BIG UP Kerri and thank you for being and still a source of inspiration! You’ll always give me a lesson!

Kerri’s favorite track that influenced me and I am not the only one for sure is “Hallelujah” (Kaoz Club Mix – 1996 on King Street Sounds). This track represents for me…how to explain……in 1996, I played this track at Ambassade in Lyon with an amazing reaction from the crowd at the beginning of the tune! It means USA for me! The gospel in it’s purest sense, through a good club soundsystem, dancers like me were/are in a trance when listening to this track. It brings a message of hope for all of humanity! This track is Violent, Groovy and Explosive! Nowadays I still include it in my set, a pure classic! This track inspired me alot to produce my work “Someday” (on Real Tone records). Without “Hallelujah” by Kerri, I would have never done it. So BIG UP Kerri and thank you for being and still a source of inspiration! You’ll always give me a lesson!”

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