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Louie Vega (Masters at Work, Vega, Elements of Life, NuYorican Soul) – Various, incl. “Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel” (King Street – 1991)

“Kerri Chandler, you are the true essence of this music we call house. You have been so consistent all these years and you’ve stayed true to the sound. I can tell when you make music you are always thinking from the heart to all your fans worldwide. I’ve been a fan since “Get If Off” (Generation), “Deeper” (Susan Clarke), “Inspiration” (Arnold Jarvis), “It’s The Music” (Charles McDougal), “The Way I Feel” and of course one of my all time Kerri Tracks “Rain” and many, many more. I’ve named you just a few of my favorites that have brought me and many others so much joy from the dj booth to the dance floors! I could not have done it without your music during my dj’ing years at the Underground Network – Sound Factory Bar NYC, and Vinyl NYC. You’ve inspired me as a producer to create some of the deepest grooves I’ve recorded with MAW and Vega over the years. When I think Kerri, I think longevity!  Thank you once again for being a true pioneer of HOUSE MUSIC!!!! – YOUR FRIEND, Louie Vega (Masters At Work, Vega, Elements of Life, NuYorican Soul)”

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