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Mel Medalie (Champion Records founder) – Shawn Christopher (Kerri Chandler Mix) – “Make My Love” (Champion – 2001)

“I first met Kerri when I was at the Tommy Boy’s New Music Seminar in New York, back in 1990.  I went over to Idlers Studio to meet a very young Todd Terry, and was introduced to Kerri on the way by Dee Dee Brave.  Champion signed him as a writer for our publishing division.

He’s been a consistently talented producer across the 20 plus years that we’ve been working together, and was instrumental in giving major credibility to many early projects (such as Faithless, Ultra Nate etc) via his remixes.  It’s always very exciting when he visits the office in London, and we get to hear his new ideas.

A shining example of his work is his production on the Dee Dee Brave album.  I also love his remix of Shawn Christopher’s “Make My Love”, which we released in 1993, and still sounds fantastic today.”

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