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Terry Farley (Faith) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“I love all the soulful, church hollering anthems but this reminds me of when Kerri played for us at Faith and then came along to Plastic People for the afters and jumped back on the decks playing darker’n’deeper than I’ve heard before. This was the track that sent everyone crazy.”


Maayan Nidam (Perlon,Wolf&Lamb, Freak’n’Chic, Berlin) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“The beats, the sounds, the vibe and the voice that calls you to come back to music. Getting real.”


Mialy Rama aka Mia ‘Dancin’ Queen’ (Anywhere on earth) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“I discovered Kerri at Cheers party, Paris in 2000 – an instant hit when I saw this man singing and playing keyboards on top of djiing…I was amazed and felt in love since with his work. Two tracks talk to me a lot “Atmospheric Beats” for its pure deepness, that mix of modern electronic sounds with classic instruments always takes me high on the dancefloor. Kerri’s signature sound that never fails to disappoint – a House music Anthem! Then “Oblivion” brings me to another meditation level, the message gets my soul each time…Thank you so much Kerri and never stop  Much Love & Respect.”


Said Adelekan (Fatsouls Records, SF – USA) – ‘Oblivion (Dub Mix) – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“Choosing a favourite track by Kerri is a severely daunting task. As we all know, Kerri is a genius. Pretty much all the records he puts out are GOLD! The one I like the most, if I have to pick one, is Oblivion (Dub mix). Oblivion is a MASSIVE track with a heavy bassline. If you are into pure underground house sounds, you can’t go wrong with this one. This track is particularly special because it captures the true essence of Kerri’s productions.”

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