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Kerri Chandler, the peers’ selections….

Louie Vega (Masters at Work, Vega, Elements of Life, NuYorican Soul) – Various, incl. “Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel” (King Street – 1991)

“Kerri Chandler, you are the true essence of this music we call house. You have been so consistent all these years and you’ve stayed true to the sound. I can tell when you make music you are always thinking from the heart to all your fans worldwide. I’ve been a fan since “Get If Off” (Generation), “Deeper” (Susan Clarke), “Inspiration” (Arnold Jarvis), “It’s The Music” (Charles McDougal), “The Way I Feel” and of course one of my all time Kerri Tracks “Rain” and many, many more. I’ve named you just a few of my favorites that have brought me and many others so much joy from the dj booth to the dance floors!

I could not have done it without your music during my dj’ing years at the Underground Network – Sound Factory Bar NYC, and Vinyl NYC. You’ve inspired me as a producer to create some of the deepest grooves I’ve recorded with MAW and Vega over the years. When I think Kerri, I think longevity!

Thank you once again for being a true pioneer of HOUSE MUSIC!!!! – YOUR FRIEND, Louie Vega (Masters At Work, Vega, Elements of Life, NuYorican Soul)”


Frankie Knuckles (Def Mix, NYC) – “Glory to God – Kerri Chandler” (Subwoofer – 1994)

“I don’t know if 20 or 30 words will be enough. To this day Kerri has consistently remained a hero of mine. The deep of his spirit shines brilliantly thru every song and track he brings to life. I fell in love with Kerri’s sound with “GLORY TO GOD” back at Sound Factory in ’92. The man has been non-stop with some of the best music. ‘GLORY TO KERRI’!-Maximum Love Always”


Phil Asher (restless soul, RSTLSS TRX, Kerri Chandler Fan) – “Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin” (Madhouse 1991)

“I love this record because “That Feelin’” could mean anything. Kerri’s enigmatic production shines here: deep beats & bass – Kerri’s trademark. The sincerity in the vocal, hits me in the pit of my stomach. For the many years I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Chandler personally and I can sincerely say, he has NEVER lost “That Feelin”.  Kerri is House, he is Blues, he is Rhythm. And most of all he is a Lovely Person. Originally released on the “Basement, Red Light & a Feelin’ LP on his Madhouse label. It’s one of the records that inspired me to do what I do today. Love Music!”


Danny Krivit (718 Sessions, Body & Soul NYC) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)
“My first introduction to Kerri Chandler was Get It Off by Three Generations. I was playing at Tracks in New York at the time…..a golden period of house music, even over 20 years later, certainly still one of my favorites. Something I can easily play for almost any audience. Which is part of my reason for choosing it, as there certainly is a ridiculously long list of Kerri favorites to choose from!”


Rob Wunderman (Simply Cool Music) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)

“When it comes to picking a favorite tune from Kerri’s stellar catalog, I must say this it is very challenging.  Challenging only in the manner of having a very hard decision to narrow it down to just one song. Damn! Kerri’s catalog is brilliant and in my opinion he has never steered far from his underground roots. This is part of the genius of Kerri, with releases on Nervous, King Street, Large, Deeply Rooted, Madhouse, Downtown 161, Shelter, Movin’ and most recently on his own labels Grei Matter & Max Trax.

I’ve also been handling Kerri’s business affairs for at least twelve years, and one of the nicest parts of this is that I have never heard a negative comment regarding his DJ, production, social and professional skills. Never!

Regarding a title to choose, I will say “Get It Off” / “Set it Off” which was eventually released by Atlantic Records. I was a DJ at the Limelight in NYC at the time and when I dropped this record people loved it from the start. 2000 people dancing to new House and I loved it.  But the part of the song that got to me most was Kerri’s use of a scratch right in the middle of the song (it sounded like he had just pulled the turntable arm holding the needle directly across the wax).  This was so very dope and created a beautiful transition from the first part of the song into the middle part. Kerri is also a lover of technology and embraces it all to create music that stands the test of time. As a friend Kerri is the best.”


Caspar Aka Dj Cassie 6 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – ”Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990)
“Back in 1990/1991, my lifelong musical friend DJ KC the Funkaholic played saturdays in Club RoXY in Amsterdam, during it’s 10 years existence it was already a legendary club, and for me KC the best resident DJ. One of outstanding tracks KC played was “Get It Off” by Three Generations – the obvious feature of the track, besides being ‘damn’ funky, is the ‘zip’ sound, which played on the right moment, took the club apart! Truly Memorable. Obviously I played it all through my 25years DJ career.
Years later, it’s creator Kerri Chandler became a dear colleague & friend and in one of many legendary sleepless nights hanging in Amsterdam hotel-rooms (music-sessions, mind you!), he told me the story of “Kerri 6:23 KAOZ Chandler”, and also the origin of the ‘zip’, which are interlinked. This placed everything in a completely different perspective.”
Kerri, I truly love you as a very talented musician and producer, incredible fellow DJ, and a friend! Thank U for those years!”


Nick V (Mona, Paris France) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic 1990)
“My first Kerri Chandler experience was via ‘Get it off’ released as Three Generations on Atlantic records in 1990. Of course at this time I never knew it was a Kerri Chandler track and never even knew who Kerri was, it took me another two years to know more about him. This was back in the day when there was no internet (and even computers for many including myself) – information travelled so slowly! When I actually discovered that this was a Kerri Chandler track it was to my great surprise as it doesn’t ressemble his later work. However as with the great majority of his music I fell instantly in love with it’s emotionnal power, warm basslines and intensely infectious drum patterns (my favourite part is when the needle rips through the vinyl)! This was being played by rave djs (so different to today’s deep house scene) and receiving air play on the best dance radio shows in Paris (Laurent Garnier and Guillaume la Tortue on Radio Nova). I had it on tape for years before acquiring a vinyl copy. ‘Get It Off’ embodies such a magic period in electronic music and club culture for me that it will always remain one of the strongest records in my collection. When I play it out in clubs it’s only for those special moments!”


Franck Roger (Real Tone Records, Sole Channel Records, Paris – France) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic 1990)
“My favorite track is “Get It Off”, even if it’s very hard to choose as Kerri done so many good ones. This track is so old school, with a taste of sadness and melancholia. This track has had a strong influence on my life.”

bb note: “If you don’t know the story behind the title & infamous ‘record rip’ through the middle, check out Kerri explaining what happened in his life at this time. It will take your appreciation to a whole new level. Watch Kerri’s ‘Red Bull Music Academy’ interview here“


Danny Rampling (Shoom, Love Groove Dance Party, Atmosphere) – A Return To Acid – Kerri Chandler (Large – 2005)

“Kerri Chandler’s ‘Return to Acid’ is my choice: deep, dark and funky with a great spoken word. Kerri continues to inspire us with his deep, soulful productions. Early productions like Susan Clarke’s ‘Deeper’ still sound as fresh today as they did back then. A house music inspiration behind the decks, a DJ who enjoys every moment with the audience…..I recently spent the whole night dancing until close at a London warehouse party with the sounds of KC – one of the best nights out in recent times.

Mr Chandler, we have much gratitude for all the great music you continue to provide Djs and music lovers with consistently. Thank you always.”


Joaquin Joe Claussell (Sacred Rhythm Music and Cosmic Arts Inc.)

“To ask me to pick a favorite Kerri jam is similar to asking me to choose a favorite family member. I really dont want to work that hard! I don’t have a favorite Kerri Chandler jam, for there are just too many of them. I will say however that similar to the founders of house music in its rawest form that derived from Chicago, Kerri is one of a very few that can be called an innovator of his craft. His contributions to the entire spectrum of dance music extends beyond many. Along with that, and on so many levels, he is a true genius, but even more rare humble!”


Dr Bob Jones (Future Soul) – “Saudao Aos Orixs – Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham” (Ibadan – 2010)

“Featuring the wonderful vocals of Vera Mara this is such a superb production: soulful and deep with some latin jazz thrown in….beautiful! Here we go…..”


Dave Lee (Joey Negro, Sunburst Band, Jakatta, Akabu, Doug Willis, Raven Maize, The Sunburst Band, Sessomatto, Z Factor) – ‘You Might Lose It – Makam (Kerri Chandler Mix) (Sushitech Purple 2010)

“If you asked me to name a producer who has stayed true to his roots, never strayed out of the underground and been thoroughly consistent in his output, then my answer would be Kerri Chandler. Along with the likes of Larry Heard, Kerri’s music is house in it’s purest form. As well as years of slammin’ tracks Kerri has also grown into a great dj, utilizing technology to give audiences something different, adding keys, lasers, reel to reels and other
stuff to push things forward. Maybe most important of all, he is a straight up nice guy who doesn’t have the ego that many people would who’ve achieved so much. Respect from Joey Negro”


Osunlade (Yoruba Records) – “Rain – Kerri Chandler” (Mood EP, Nervous Records – 1998) & “Coro” (Nitegrooves – 1999)

“I have two favourite Kerri tracks – ‘Rain’ & ‘Coro’. Its difficult to say just one..but these two capture the essence of Kerri’s music for me.”


Yass (Defected, Grei Matter / Paris) – “Rain – Kerri Chandler” (Mood EP, Nervous Records – 1998)

“The Kerri track I play the most as a dj is called ‘Downtown (Dark Mix) but the one I love the most is ‘Rain’… Simply amazing! Everytime it’s raining outside I’m thinking of the song…this guy changed my weather.”


Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House) – “Rain – Kerri Chandler” (Mood EP, Nervous Records – 1998)

“I’ll only pick a favorite (or in this case, two) since you’re holding a gun to my head. My KC collection is huge but the songs I always have close and handy are “Track 1″ from the Atmosphere EP (including all of it’s variations which were released in the many years after and “Rain” (here I’m sticking with the original version from the ‘Mood EP’).
Track 1 is one of those tunes which can run for hours at a time and people will still not get sick of it and Rain, I mean c’mon….if you heard it, you know….and if you haven’t, I feel really sorry for you. RAIN”


Atjazz (Atjazz Record Company) – “Rain – Kerri Chandler” (Mood EP, Nervous Records – 1998)

“Rain is the most understated house song from Kerri in my book, although it rocks every single floor I play it to. It’s one of the few house records that really made me stick to my guns as an artist. Maybe one day, I’ll make a record this sharp! Kerri = King”


Nick Blow (Our Party, Belgium) – “Rain – Kerri Chandler” (Mood EP, Nervous Records – 1998)

“I thought it would be difficult – choosing my all time Kerri track/song – but in the end it was easy. Having had the pleasure to be led on a musical journey by Kerri for 20 years there are so many classics and seminal records that he has produced. ‘Inspiration, Tears of Velva, Gate-Ah, Atmosphere and many, many, many more. But what is the song that I always want to hear him sing? The one I want to hear at 4am? The one that sounds perfect in any setting? What optimises the talents of Kerri – the song, the rhythms, the emotion, soul and the voice? “Rain” taken from his ‘The Mood EP’ on Nervous Records 1998 is the one that does it for me. Thank you Kerri from the depths of my heart you have given so much to us over the years. Keep on keepin on.”


Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan) – “My My Lover – Kerri Chandler feat DeeDe Brave” (Movin’ Records – 1990)

“Why?  The beats, the chords, the vocals. A deadly simple combination of unforgettable Jersey House. I would get very emotional hearing the track at Club Zanzibar (Newark New Jersey). Wow….“


Jimpster (Freerange Records) – Ionosphere EP – No Surprise (Subwoofer – 1994)

“Atmospheric Beats is probably my most played tune of Kerri’s in the clubs but if we’re talking personal favourite and one that displays the man’s style and skills so perfectly, I’d have to pick ‘No Surprise’.  Trademark tough beats form the bedrock for a simple repeating arpregiating chord progression that just rolls and rolls while simple tweaks to the sound and basic percussion fills add just the right amount of variation to keep the interest.  This is what house is about for me, and why Kerri is the king – he gets a simple hook and has the confidence and production skills to keep things stripped back rather than complicating things unnecessarily.”


Radio Slave (Rekids) –  ”Ah Baby – Lil’ Justin” (Madhouse – 1993)

“This is probably in my top ten house records of all time. The beats are super tough and it’s just a dope record. Stripped down, super sexy and totally New York sounding. It has that deep ass Kerri bass sound that just carries the track and even though it was made nearly 20 years ago “Ah Baby” still rocks the Panorama Bar.”


Rainer Trueby (Root Down / Rainer Truby Trio) – “On My Way – Kerri Chandler” (Trionisphere LP – King Street – 2003)

“My choice is this one, simply because it is totally Kerri. It is maybe not the most obvious one and I simply love the harmonies, the vibe, the warmth, the beats…….
Kerri in full effect. I had the pleasure to compile “Abstract Jazz Journey” for King Street / Nite Grooves a good few years back, “On My Way” was in the catalogue of options and when I did the mix the moment “On My Way” dropped in I felt in total peace with my inner self….Nuff respect Kerri! We feel ya´!”


DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted House) –  ”Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (Dark Swing Mix) (Downtown – 1993)

“One of my favorite Kerri Chandler tracks ever (well there are so many!) is Trailer Ends – Runnin’ Around (Dark Swing Mix). I like how rough & how emotional it is. Also it is so unique. When you look back it inspired so many labels and producers. I mean this way of aproaching music that only Kerri manages, in my opinion, to mix a rough sounding track that sounds so amazing in clubs, with such an emotional vibe.

On a technical level, basically I feel that Kerri sort of set a standard soundwise on how tracks could sound, by pushing boundaries and being so creative in his mixing. Not to mention his infinte talent that keeps inspiring generations and generations of House music lovers.”


Jay Shaw (Hard Times) – “Stompin’ Ground – K.C.Y.C” (Strictly Rhythm – 1993)

“I know it’s a cliche but I’ve been positively scarred by too many of Kerri’s productions to have a single favourite. That said, one track that really hit me hard was ‘Stompin Ground’.  I remember hearing that early one morning while ‘coming round’ after a big night out: it was like a sledgehammer in the mind (a good one)! The man is a true genius, known the world over. He has earned his place in the hall of fame: Kerri Chandler – THATS HOUSE!”


Steve Butler (Southport Weekender) – “Raw Grooves 11 – Kerri’s Theme – Kerri Chandler & Michael Watford” (Large Records 1996)

“Well it is impossible to pick the best Kerri track, but ‘Atmosphere’ is one of many that stands out, especially seeing as it was one of the first and was made so long ago. A simple but relentless groove designed for dancing with you eyes shut only. ‘Get It Off’, the sweetest B-line and so much space plus the meaning behind this record makes the record even more special. But for me, the one has to be ‘Raw Grooves 11 – Kerri’s Theme’. I played this at MOS first time I played it out and gave myself a bad neck and was nearly sick with excitement. This record just doesn’t let go: fierce fierce drums, raw bass, jazz undercurrents and the cheeky break……just makes you wanna scream! My dear friend Breeze loved this too.”


C-Rock (Motorcity Soul) – “Raw Grooves 11 – Kerri’s Theme – Kerri Chandler & Michael Watford” (Large Records 1996)

“Too many too good ones to just pick one…however this was the first one that I really dropped in a bigger venue (1995 at E-Werk Berlin, when I played there with Cle & Westbam) seeing a techno-crowd going crazy to soulful house.”


Karizma aka Kaytronik aka K2 (Kohesive, Kaytronik Productions, R2 Records) – “Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“My favourite track (and there are many) is Hallelujah. I’m a church boy and I know the sample very well because as a kid I listened to a lot of Shirley Ceasar. It takes me back to my childhood and that is the best thing a track or song can do, is take you back to a good time in your life. Thank you Kerri for that. Love ya man.”


Tedd Patterson (Cielo) –  ”Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“Where do I start? “Hallelujah”. I was hooked as soon as the bass dropped in. Kerri has a knack for producing a lot of funk in his tracks whilst all the while keeping it musical and energetic. I really admire that. And he’s not afraid of using the kick. I still Bang this record when I can! He’s one of the few house producers whose productions have influenced my sound.”


Rocco Rodamaal (Lyon, France) – ”Hallelujah – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 1996)

“Le Morceau de Kerri Chandler qui m’a vraiment marqué et je n’en suis pas le seul!! C’est “Hallelujah” (Kaoz Club Mix) en 1996 sur King Street Sounds. Ce track a été pour moi comment dire? Le tube des années 96 lorsque je jouais à L’Ambassade à Lyon avec une totale émeute sur le dancefloor au début du track! C’est la réunion de tout ce que l’Amérique pouvait représenter à mes yeux!
Le Gospel à son état pure, le gros son des clubs où les danseurs, Comme moi, transpiraient et rentraient en transe à l’écoute de ce titre et à travers lequel on pouvait imaginer un grand message d’espoir pour l’humanité ! Ce track est brutal, Groovy et explosif! Aujourd’hui encore je le joue dans mes sets, c’est un classic! Aussi ce morceau m’a été d’une très grande inspiration dans la production de mon track “Someday” (sur Real Tone), sans “Hallelujah” de Kerri je n’aurais certainement jamais eu l’idée de le faire! Alors BIG UP Kerri and thank you for being and still a source of inspiration! You’ll always give me a lesson!

Kerri’s favorite track that influenced me and I am not the only one for sure is “Hallelujah” (Kaoz Club Mix – 1996 on King Street Sounds). This track represents for me…how to explain……in 1996, I played this track at Ambassade in Lyon with an amazing reaction from the crowd at the beginning of the tune! It means USA for me! The gospel in it’s purest sense, through a good club soundsystem, dancers like me were/are in a trance when listening to this track. It brings a message of hope for all of humanity! This track is Violent, Groovy and Explosive! Nowadays I still include it in my set, a pure classic! This track inspired me alot to produce my work “Someday” (on Real Tone records). Without “Hallelujah” by Kerri, I would have never done it. So BIG UP Kerri and thank you for being and still a source of inspiration! You’ll always give me a lesson!”
Sasse (Mood Music) –  ”I Love You – Grampa” (Mad House – 1992)

“Can´t beat this gem on Madhouse. This used to be a major hit in our house nights back in the days in Finland. Lovely vox by grampa Chandler (I’m told so at least) and a BAD-ASS bassline – amazing vibe. Listening to it right now with a tear of nostalgia in my eyes.. fullest respect.”


Terry Farley (Faith) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“I love all the soulful, church hollering anthems but this reminds me of when Kerri played for us at Faith and then came along to Plastic People for the afters and jumped back on the decks playing darker’n’deeper than I’ve heard before. This was the track that sent everyone crazy.”


Maayan Nidam (Perlon,Wolf&Lamb, Freak’n’Chic, Berlin) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“The beats, the sounds, the vibe and the voice that calls you to come back to music. Getting real.”


Mialy Rama aka Mia ‘Dancin’ Queen’ (Anywhere on earth) – “Oblivion – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“I discovered Kerri at Cheers party, Paris in 2000 – an instant hit when I saw this man singing and playing keyboards on top of djiing…I was amazed and felt in love since with his work. Two tracks talk to me a lot “Atmospheric Beats” for its pure deepness, that mix of modern electronic sounds with classic instruments always takes me high on the dancefloor. Kerri’s signature sound that never fails to disappoint – a House music Anthem! Then “Oblivion” brings me to another meditation level, the message gets my soul each time…Thank you so much Kerri and never stop  Much Love & Respect.”


Said Adelekan (Fatsouls records, SF – USA) – ‘Oblivion (Dub Mix) – Kerri Chandler” (Soul Heaven – 2006)

“Choosing a favourite track by Kerri is a severely daunting task. As we all know, Kerri is a genius. Pretty much all the records he puts out are GOLD! The one I like the most, if I have to pick one, is Oblivion (Dub mix). Oblivion is a MASSIVE track with a heavy bassline. If you are into pure underground house sounds, you can’t go wrong with this one. This track is particularly special because it captures the true essence of Kerri’s productions.”


Jagga (Very Soulful Productions, Kerri Chandler fan) – “Relax Have Another Spliff – Kerri Chandler (Kerri’s Jazz Cafe EP – Flipside – 2000)

“How’s a man supposed to pick just one track from 20 years of hotness? As soon as I was asked the question though my first thought was “Relax and have another spliff” from Kerri’s Jazz Cafe Album in 2000. I don’t think it’s ever been far from the VSP playlist since it’s release. Enough said!”


Dominic Cappello (Sub Club) –  ”The sound is yours – Risk Sound System” (Kerri Chandler instrumental rmx) (Legato 2008)

“So many Great Kerri Chandler tracks out there but this is the no 1 for me. Its got Kerri’s usual groove but the synth sounds really make this…amazing!”

“Hexadecimal (Chord Version) – Kerri Chandler” (Deeply Rooted – 2008)

“Kerris’ tracks never really leave my playlist, they just swap places now and again. At the moment the Chord Mix of Kerri’s Hexadecimal on Deeply Rooted House is currently getting most airplay. It is as classy as they come, it’s a hypnotic groove that never stops growing, but never really gives away to much!”


Phil Hooton (NuBang, Chicago/UK) – “Faith – The Good Reverend Dr Gary Henry” (Sfere 1998)

“It’s got to be ‘Faith’ as it has lifted me up and kept me going through any kind of weather. Faith did move mountains and dreams can come true. I also opened up the first Soul Heaven night with it as a prayer toward the success of the night. I will never forget Bobby and Steve’s face as they turned around and looked over as the volume went up and the doors opened. Thank you Kerri you installed some faith. Thank You Lord. Somewhere there is a Soul Heaven!”


Michael Ruetten (SoulSearching Radio Shows) – The Atmosphere EP Track 1, Climax 1 (Shelter 1993) / Raw Grooves 3 EP – Ladbroke Grove  – Kerri Chandler  (Large – 1997)

“The Atmosphere EP on Shelter Records, both Track 1 and Climax 1…….the seeds for a whole genre. There have been so many more great Kerri tracks over all the years, but the Atmosphere ep was the initial one for me, back in the days of the Wild Pitch club here in Frankfurt and then playing a residency at Delicious Doughnuts club in Berlin mid nineties. And of course ”Ladbroke Grove” off the Raw Grooves 3 EP – another blueprint. Those beats!!! Big hello to Kerri. Peace”


Harri (Sub Club) – ‘Thing for Linda’ or ‘Atmosphere’  – Kerri Chandler (Downtown 1998 – Shelter 1993)

‘Thing for Linda’, has super swingy beats that sound good anytime, and as a dj tool it gets you in or our out of anything. Atmosphere (original, part one) has a timeless deep, uplifting and anthemic vibe that just works every time”


Moody Manc – “Bar a Thym” (Nitegrooves – 2005) & “Coro” (Nitegrooves – 1999)

“It’s not so easy to nail down Kerri Chandler in 1 track because his vision and sound are so broad and deep; the one thing that runs throughout his productions being his overwhelming sense of roots and soul. I’m bending the rules a little but am going to pick two that never leave my bag and that I’d feel confident dropping at ANY party to get things really rocking!

‘Bar a Thym’ is for me simply amazing… Deep, Raw, Soulful and dynamic beyond description. I first heard it on headphones in a record shop and couldn’t contain my excitement (much to the bemusement of the surrounding customers…) One of the few house records that I played over and over, from start to end as soon as I got it home! Sublime!

The other track is “Coro” a deeply rooted afrobeat monster that really gets a dancefloor grooving with a fantastic arrangement and couple of unique “Kerri” ruff twists that are completely frenzy inducing! It simply never fails. Love it!”


Alex Lowes (Mr Southport Weekender, Suncebeat) – ”Bar A Thym  – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“What can I say to Kerri that has not been said a million times before. Kerri, I class you as a true & very deep friend – you’re an inspiration to us all. You’ve been rocking our parties for what, 15 years now? Putting a smile on everyone’s faces, mixing in with the crowd as if you are with them on the dancefloor, in spirit aswell as weaving your magic behind the decks. You have a true feel for our wonderful music & just as importantly, the people that matter – the wonderful crowd in front of you. Always pushing the boundaries & making things happen, whether it be just playing the music we love, getting out the old reel to reels or experimenting with Holograms. I love you man for who you are, the support you’ve given me on numerous occasions & the very great friend you are.

My record  that says it all is the Powerhouse Anthem – ”Bar A Thym”


Josh Milan (Blaze, Honeycomb Music) – ”Bar A Thym  – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“Kerri has been extremely consistent through the years. I remember when I first heard a Kerri track at the Shelter and seeing the crowds reaction to a song we never heard before. Wow. Till this day my all time favorite Kerri joint is ‘Bar A Thym’. The original mix. Still play it.”


Kev Beadle (Suncebeat, Southport Weekender, Mind Fluid Radio Show) – “Bar A Thym  – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“Love the deep, techy, percussive feel of this track. Always in the box.”


Ket Shah (Mucho Soul) – ”Bar A Thym  – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“This is a stomper of a tune from Kerri that always lights up the dancefloor and raises many smiles.”


Jordan Peak (Saved) – “Kong – Kerri Chandler” (Deeply Rooted House – 2008)

“Kerri is an all time hero of mine and such a big inspiration. His music is timeless and it’s a pretty impossible task to pick out one of his massive back catalogue but I would have to say that this is the track for me. Simple, groovy and hypnotic like good house music should be”


Dj Rork (Stalwart, Paris – France) – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“Donc, j’ai choisi ce classic de Kerri parmi tant d’autres parce qu’il caractérise bien le travail de Kerri avec ses beats et bass si reconnaissable… J’ai réalisé cet edit avec un son plus clean et remasterisé pour l’un de ces anniversaires il y a quelques années, que je lui donna en main propre. Quelle fut ma surprise et un pure bonheur de l’écouter lors de son passage suivant sur Paris avec un petit clin d’oeil de la part de Kerri en ma direction! J’adore ce mec, qui comme beaucoup ont apportés une patte, un son, à notre music que l’on aime tant!

I choose “Drink on Me”, classic Kerri among thousands as it represents for me Kerri’s beats and bass that you never fail to recognize. I did the edit of that track with a cleanless and remasterized music for one of his birthday years ago. I gave it to him hand by hand. What a surprise and a pure bliss to hear him playing it when he came back to Paris afterwards, with a wink in my direction! I really appreciate this man, as many others, he broughts his signature,  a different music to House music which we all love.”


Alex From Tokyo (Tokyo Black Star, NYC) – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“Lots of unforgettable memories of Kerri and his music from growing up as a house kid in Tokyo in the late 80s, then Paris from 1991 and visiting NYC at least once a year since 1989. Kerri has always been around my house music life. He definitely invented and came up with his own raw emotional fat bottom heavy bass signature house sound and mix. So many different tracks and songs with that Kerri New Jersey sound I love to choose from.
I loved so much the Three Generations EP with both “Super lover” and “Get if Off”, they were underground hits in early house clubs in Tokyo like Picasso, Cave when it came out in 1990. Later, I remember so well Larry Levan playing Dreamer G “I Got That Feeling” all the time during his Harmony Tour in Japan in ’92. It was such a beautiful deep emotional male vocal, romantic love, garage house song, Larry feeling it and working it, it changed my life! Track 1 on the Atmosphere EP was the big track in all the underground clubs in Tokyo like at club Yellow.
But I have to say my favorite Kerri record today is one of his first songs, “Drink on me” by Teule which he produced. I keep playing it! For me on the emotional level “Drink on me” was THE track. I was already obssessed by Sylvester “Over and Over”, but the way Kerri sampled it, used it and combined it with Telle’s voice & the vibe: it was BEYOND everything else! It was such a unique track, very raw, the samples, that classic keyboard, it was definitely a combination of unforgettable soulful melancholic emotions and uptempo disco/house black music sounds. To these days I still have goose bumps everytime I listen to it. A total Tokyo and NYC/New Jersey timeless classic for me!
To finish, I want to add that in 2000 in Tokyo, Kerri gave me my 1st remix offer, Big Moses feat Jan’elle- For You on the label Bassmental, and he kind of helped us giving us our production name Tokyo Black Star. Happy birthday Kerri and thank you so much for all of your inspiration!”


Christian Rushhour – “Drink On Me – Teule” (Profile – 1990)

“His first record and it is easily his best, to me. Best use ever of Sylvester’s Over & Over and probably the first to lift it. Crazy essential.”


Roual Galloway (Cinch) – “Back To The Raw (Dark Instrumental) – Kerri Chandler” (Deeply Rooted House – 1994)

“A fine example of Kerri stripping everything back and getting locked in on the groove.”


Ralf Gum (Go-Go music, Germany) – “Back To The Raw (Dark Mix) – Kerri Chandler” (Deeply Rooted House – 1994)

“One of Kerri’s many great tracks, but the clear and simple message on this one embodies so much of his work.”


Iori Asano (Okinawa, Japan) – Creative Violence – Stay (Madhouse 2001)

“I’ve always been playing alot of Kerri’s music. This is one of the most memorable tracks for me. It always makes for a beautiful moment in the morning time.”


Meat (Freebase) – “Sunset – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“This is really an unfair question, since I can think of 20 off the top of my head. I’ll go with Sunset. A very unexpected hit for me. Kind of a hybrid of Metro Area to Deep house. Does wonders on the floor, and for the Soul. You’ll have to dig hard, but copies are out there.”


Tim Deluxe (Get Human, Beat Records) – ”Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“I’ve been a big fan of Kerri’s music from the early nineties. His early Dee Dee Brave productions , were what brought him to my attention. My personal favourite however is ‘Track 1′ from the Atmosphere EP. I can still to this day remember the first time I heard it. Dj David Camacho (r.i.p) was doing a guest slot late one night on Kiss 100 Fm here in London. He opened his set with Ten City’s “My Peace Of Heaven”
he then mixed mixed in ‘Track 1′. As soon as the ‘riff’ came in, I was hooked.
It was one of those moments when time stopped.
At the time I worked in Time Is Right Records, Chapel Market, Islington. I couldn’t wait for us to get the record.I remember a regular customer of ours had been in the west end earlier in the day and picked up a copy from Catch a Groove records.
I couldn’t believe it. There it was ‘Track 1′ – this record that I had been looking for had finally arrived! I was straight onto the phone and chased around all the record distributor’s to see who had some.
As soon as we got it I made sure that every customer who came in left with a copy – I was that in love with the track. The real spirit of house music. I can only say much kudos Kerri for the music you’ve blessed us with. Peace and Love”


JP Vinyl Junkies – “Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Atmosphere on Shelter was really the one that got me. I was right there when Sir David Mancoso played at the Loft Club in NY City – yes it was in the morning around 10am and that vinyl (promo) was spinning on David Mancuso’s turntable and you could see all god’s childs dancing on it with such a pure energy to it. Wow, it was in 1993….LOL!”


Claude Monnet (SSOH Music / Back to Fundamentals, France) – “Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1 & Track 2) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

I’ve been hammring this tracks for years since its release in 1993 and and I’m still not tired of playing it. It’s a timeless records. Nowadays when I play “Track 1″, the reaction on the dancefloor is always the same almost 20 years after the first time I played it and I still have the same pleasure to play it, I still have the goose bumps. It is surely in one of the all time house top 10Masterpieces.”


Dom Moir (Shoom, Quaff Soho, Vintage House Foundation) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Well – it’s pretty easy. Atmosphere EP on Shelter Records (tho’ I’m VERY fond of Hallelujah). I was working in Quaff Records, Soho London during the time Atmosphere came out, and it just epitomises and embodies the whole groove everybody was on at that time… It was simple: put that on instore, and you’d get a ‘yup’ or head nod, and five copies went over the counter instantly….Soho was buzzing, Ministry of Sound was rocking, London was alive with HOUSE… And Kerri came with this underground monster.

Frankie Knuckles says it best regarding Kerri Chandler: “Something magical always happens…”

And he’s right… Kerri is one of THE most consistent, gifted and prolific producers of our time, and the House scene wouldn’t be such a wonderful place to be without his continued input. Blessings heaped Mr Kerri Chandler… Blessings.”


Gwen (Space Breaks Records, London) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“A hard and powerful beat and an incredible sub bass – you can immediately recognize the signature of this visionary producer. A very personal way to build his tracks, he always keeps on further exploring his moody sound textures. After 22 years producing this masterpiece track proves it, Kerri is a genius, a true inspiration to all of us!”


Tommy Bones ( NYC, USA) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Atmosphere EP Track 1″. Kerri signed the vinyl for me @ Legends party at club life in 1998! First time we met in person… made me a bigger fan!”


Doc Martin (Sublevel) – “Atmosphere E.P (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“I guess my top Kerri track was Track 1 on the Atmosphere Ep/Shelter. That track followed me over the first couple of years in my house education period. It was played so many times by all my house heroes, DJ mates and of course by myself.”


Jamie Barber & Steve Wilkinson (Filling the Gap, Hard Times, Stereo) – ‘Grandpa’s Party – Kerri Chandler (First Steps, Sfere – 1999) / “Earth People – Dance (Kerri Chandler Mix)” – (Champion – 2002)

“The Track: We are casting our minds back to the early 2000′s and a small basement club in Leeds, The Atrium, the night ‘Filling The Gap’. For 5 years this was the hang out for soul boys and real deep house heads across Leeds & Yorkshire who weren’t looking for the ‘boom-boom’ but just more of a groove and a feeling. The track in question, ‘Grandpa’s Party’ one of Kerri’s lesser played numbers on the Sfere album ‘First Steps’ summed up for us the essence of a great house track, old school sampling of Black Ivory’s Mainline, a kick, a groove and most important of all Kerri’s Grandpa on the vocal! 2am was usually a good time to take the roof off with this bomb!

The man: We first met Kerri around the same time when playing at Hard Times at The Space in Leeds, one of the friendliest, warmest and most caring guys you could wish to meet. After avidly collecting his tracks since day zero it was great to finally meet and befriend such a gent. Kerri is always happy to share music and spread the word! A true gent and also a keen fellow skateboarder….Deep!

As this track is so deep there’s no link anywhere in the net (proper old school) so as an alternative and another ‘Filling the Gap’ classic we extend our love to Kerri’s subtle yet devastating re-rub of ‘Earth People – ‘Dance’.  Same vein: a loop, a kick and a groove. Simple effectiveness.”


Paul Woolford (Planet E/Hotflush/Special Request) – “The System – You Are In My System (Kerri Chandler Remix)” – (Ibadan – 1998)

“Kerri Chandler is a name I immediately associate with New York City. When I started to collect records I kept noticing his name on things like Dee Dee Brave ‘My My Lover’ which was licensed to Champion in the UK who built a long-term relationship with him. From a huge catalogue of work through to ‘Atmosphere’ and way beyond that, it’s practically impossible for me to pick between the vocal mix of ‘Atmosphere’ – Kerri’s remix of The System’s ‘You Are In My System’, and of course ‘Inspiration’, with THAT vocal from Arnold Jarvis. Both records absolutely slay me, and make the hairs on my arms stand on end.

I have recently been so pleased to see Kerri embraced by a new generation of clubbers who are just beginning to feel his influence, and I can only imagine what it must be like to stumble across all those killer productions, remixes and… THOSE 6.23 dubs for the first time. You know a Kerri Chandler record from a mile off, and to me, he is right up there as a complete ‘Inspiration’. SALUTE!”


Fabio Genito (Valenostrum, Ibiza – Spain) – ”The System – You Are In My System (Kerri Chandler Remix)” – (Ibadan – 1998)

“Kerri Chandler is a divine blessing, a REAL friend, one of the greatest human beings I have ever met…a super cool dude but most of all one of my main mentors since the very start…He’s the father of many who don’t know that yet…he’s the essence of spiritual deep music…and an example of humility that many should learn from…so rare nowadays… I haven’t chosen this song….my soul did it….and you just hear it to understand what I mean, because Kerri’s soul shines through this brightly….I love u brother…God bless you forever and ever and keep inspiring us! RESPECT, Fabio”


Mel Medalie (Champion Records founder) – Shawn Christopher (Kerri Chandler Mix) – “Make My Love” (Champion – 2001)

“I first met Kerri when I was at the Tommy Boy’s New Music Seminar in New York, back in 1990.  I went over to Idlers Studio to meet a very young Todd Terry, and was introduced to Kerri on the way by Dee Dee Brave.  Champion signed him as a writer for our publishing division.

He’s been a consistently talented producer across the 20 plus years that we’ve been working together, and was instrumental in giving major credibility to many early projects (such as Faithless, Ultra Nate etc) via his remixes.  It’s always very exciting when he visits the office in London, and we get to hear his new ideas.

A shining example of his work is his production on the Dee Dee Brave album.  I also love his remix of Shawn Christopher’s “Make My Love”, which we released in 1993, and still sounds fantastic today.”


E.A.S.E – Nightmares on Wax  – “Where’s The Baby? – Kerri Chandler” (The Thing for Linda EP – Downtown 161 – 1998)

“It’s hard to choose a favorite Kerri track as they are so many! Anyway I have chosen “Where’s The Baby?” off ‘The   Thing for Linda e.p’ – Why? Well for me it’s simple really, the way the track makes me feel, it inspires me to make music and awakens my thirst for the weekend! It also has the prime ingredient – it sounds like FUN! Which is what it’s all about. Kerri has always managed to capture that in his productions – Joy, Fun & Happiness in the groove  ”


Tristan DaCunha (Back To Basics / Throwing Shapes / Redux) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990) / “It’s You – Kerri Chandler” (Trionisphere Pt 2. King Street – 1995)

“Being asked what your favourite Kerri record feels the same as being asked “what’s your favourite house track of all time” – such a difficult one to answer when there are so many to choose from. Kerri’s tracks and songs have always had been a firm fixture in my dj sets, playing at least one or 2 (minimum) each time. One that has never left the bag in particular is “Get It Off” – not the original but the Dj Deep edit on Deeply Rooted House. For me this is one of the special tracks in the story of Mr. Chandler as it was the very beginning, it was where it all started. Even though the story behind the track is very tragic it somehow manages to uplift me every time I play it: the beats, the bass line, the “get it off” vocals and then the head turning vinyl skating sample that rips through the system, throwing a curveball for the people on the dance floor left wondering what the hell just happened? Then in the 2nd half of the track, a sense of uplifting bliss comes through with the dreamy “now is the time” vocals. Never fails to give me goosebumps and alter my mind.”

However as I know Danny Krivit also mentioned this track as his favourite then I feel inclined to mention another firm favourite of mine in order to maximise the variety in this amazing piece. Next in line would have to be “It’s You”. This for me is a perfect lesson in deep house. The beats the bass line, the horns screeching over the top, the smooth chords and those incredible vocals never fail to make me reach for the sky. The structure of how the track flows keeps you going all the way through and is truly a house music masterpiece. Kerri has a real skill at being current and on point but also remaining timeless at the same time. If I had to pick an all star team of personal house heroes Kerri would definitely be in there straight away. I can’t think of another US producer who has kept their musical integrity so in tact after such a long career. Still at the top of his game bringing the Kaoz… RESPECT.”


Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’ (My Love Is Underground) – “Hooked On Love – Kerri Chandler” (Freetown – 1996)

“Being a hard-core Kerri fan, it’s hard to pick only one track……But I would say “Hooked On Love” which is on the Hemisphere album. When I used to follow Kerri at every party around 2005/2006, I was always asking him to play this track (and he was always playing it). That break coming in at the beginning of the track always gave me goosebumps and always will do. It is underground house music perfection: it perfectly symbolizes the “Kaoz 6:23″ madness, for those who know and feel what I’m talking about. Kerri’s keys, Chevell’s vocals, this track is such a gem…
During years spent in my room playing records alone I always dreamt of dropping (or even just hearing) this track in a packed club one day….and this dream actually came true recently (see the reaction to me dropping it for the first time below – 1minute & 25 seconds in) Kerri, you hooked us on love!”


Brawther / Izmo (Balance Recordings, My Love Is Underground) – What is 6:23 – Kerri Chandler (Trionisphere The Album  – King Street – 2003)

“Kerri Chandler has got to be New Jersey’s finest musical pioneer and innovator and one of my greatest inspirations as a humble house music lover. You are one of the artist that sealed the deal for me, some call it love at first sight! Since Trionisphere is my personal favorite album –  “It’s You” and “What is 6:23?” sum up everything iIlove about you… Keep on rollin’…”


Tomson (Development Music) – “What is 6:23 – Kerri Chandler” (Trionisphere The Album – King Street – 2003)

“This record really sums up Kerri’s music for me. Simple but visionary. raw but timeless. His style and the quality of his craft is unmistakable and he’s done it with untouchable consistency for longer than anyone should even bother counting.

I’ll never forget Kerri attempting to play the chords off this record on a vintage Victorian organ in the back room of the Mint Lounge in Manchester the night of a gig we played together there. Even on that tired and dusty old instrument he managed to create a sound instantly recognisable as Mr 6:23!

His passion is infectious and you can hear it in everything he touches. A maverick, a true inspiration and a leader for many years to come.”


Trevor Fung (Higher Ground, Project, Spectrum, Enter The Dragon, Wag) – “Je T’aime – Kerri Chandler” (Grei Matter Records – 2007)

“Kerri Chandler – How do you pick just one of your favourite Kerri Chandler tracks? A very tricky question. I would struggle to pick a top ten from the legend.  He has always been one of my heroes, time after time producing quality records. The Deep House Sound belongs to Kerri, he owns it….Out and Out.  Deep Houseification!

I will opt for ‘Je T’aime’ on Grei Matter in 2007. This is different from Kerri’s customary production:  lush French vocals, guitar providing KC’s unforgettable melodies and then his legendary bassline..…reminds me of Sun, Sea and Balearica.”


Craig Whitfield (HHA, restless soul)  – “Je T’aime – Kerri Chandler” (Grei Matter Records – 2007)
“Apart from the other few hundred Kerri tracks I’ve heard over the past 20 years which I love, the track which does it for me the most is ‘Je T’aime’.

It has all the elements I love in a house track. Stripped down, raw beats, a very moody bassline with melancholic but incredibly soulful lyrics and that twisted guitar riff is just haunting in its repetitiveness.

This joint is best served about 6am on a really big sound system – Killer dancefloor action. Big love to a real House hero, the one and only Mr Kerri Chandler……God Bless…..”


Alix Alvirez (Sole Channel, LA, USA) – “Atmosphere – The Lost Dubs (Kerri’s Foundation Dub) – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 1998)

“What can I already say about a pioneer who has given us nearly 25 years of greatness and still continues to shine with every piece of music he releases? His body of work is outstanding. It is because of Kerri that producers like myself hold such a high standard of quality to our music. He is the epitome of excellence when it comes to music production. To pick one record of Kerri’s as a favorite is impossibly hard. I have so many amazing memories of Kerri’s music both on the decks and off the decks. But one of my favorite pieces of Kerri’s work would have to be “Atmosphere” on Ibadan Records (1998). I remember taking that mysterious green and white 12″ home and listening to it over and over again being mesmerized at how the recording sounded so fat and so raw but it also had such a cool feel about it at the same time. Everything about the track fit perfectly. It was fresher than anything in my record collection at the time. I still play that record out to this day. It still gives people a good feeling on the dancefloor which is what his music will continue to do for a lifetime. Kerri Chandler truly is THE definition of house Music. A big thank you to Mr. Chandler! Here’s to many more years of creating magic! Sincerely, Alix.”


Jürgen Knoblauch (Sonar Kollektiv) – “Things I See – Kerri Chandler (Street Musiq 2.0 – Large – 2003)

“It’s not easy to choose one track but I go for “Things I See” – It has these ingredients which I like so much and which I got in many of Kerrys tracks: a message, elements of solos and a great arrangement. For me “Things I See” is a is a prayer for open mindedness.”


Dominic Versell (Trippin records, London – UK) – “Faithful – Kerri Chandler” – (Trionisphere The Album – King Street – 2003)

“For me it is ‘Faithful’ – a late night record that reflects everything Chandler has stood for to me: thumpin beats, round bumpin bassline and vocals that drift in and out of the record filling the dancer with it’s positive humanist vibe. A magic moment in house. Love him to bits.”


Manoo (Lyon, France) – “Gate-Ah – The Shelter (Shelter – 1992) / Susan Clark – Deeper (Kaoz 6:23 Mix) Champion – 1991)

“Il y a tellement de morceaux que j’aime de Kerri, les 3 qui me viennent à l’esprit:
1- Gate-ah – The Shelter
2- Susan Clark – Deeper
3- Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin
ces 3 m’ont traumatisé….grave…je decouvrais ce son ” jersey sound” , et j’en suis tombé amoureux depuis

There are so many Kerri tracks that I love – but the 3 that came up straight away are:
1- Gate-ah – The Shelter
2- Susan Clark – Deeper
3- Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin
Those tracks shocked me – I discovered the “Jersey sound” and since then I am in love.”


Louie Lou Gorbea (NY, USA)

“I know a lot of dj/producers in this industry but never really had the opportunity to get to know Kerri really well. However, what I do know of him is that his work is amazing, which of course stands out from the rest. His groove has spread throughout the world which makes myself and other dj’s happy to see that music is universal.”


Billy Davidson (Southport Weekender) – “Soul Symphony – Lastin Luv’ – Piano Mix” (White label – 1998)

“There are so many cherished memories I have of Kerri’s music and the pleasure it’s given me, from the early days of “Atmosphere”, “The Shelter” and “She’s Crazy”, through his soulful Madhouse tracks like “ I’ve Got That Feelin”, “Why You Wanna”, deep on the dance floor to “Finger Printz” and “A Demo from 6.23”, to the soaring strings of  “Love Will Find Away” and spiritual messages such as “Things I See”. To me his sound defined an iconic period in dance music and I am delighted that he continues to preach his gospel to the future generations, staying true to the music.

The one memory I’d like to share with everyone, took place at an after party in the in-built club in Craig and Pandy’s lovely house in Warrington, after the On Hubert Street Party. A few DJ’s played well into the next day, including Dave Lee, Kerri and myself. So I decided to dig out one of my favourite Kerri remixes, ”Soul Symphony – Lastin’ Love”. If you haven’t heard this, it’s is a piano led gospel monster, where Kerri’s mix included a killer bass-line and some trademark deep beats. This track always draws attention and in this case it did……….Kerri’s attention!“ What’s this Billy?”, he asked, “ It’s YOU!”, I replied. He listened to it a bit more then said, “Can I get a copy?”, “ Of course”, I replied, where we laughed about it afterwards, due to the fact that he had made a piece of music as good as that, but not kept a copy for himself and didn’t remember it!

I was going to tell another where he was on his knees drinking out of a bottle of Jack Daniels playing in my music room, while I was handing the next record to him to mix in. He said he was suffering from a cold so being in Scotland we did what one had to do…..and gave him a Scots cure. LOL.

Kerri you have truly been an “Inspiration” to me and many others. Stay Blessed.x”

(Kerri’s dub mix of Lastin’ Luv – as unable to locate the Piano mix!)


Dj Fudge (Troublemen, France) – “Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

“The Kerri track that touches me the most is “Atmospheric Beats”. However there are so many tracks that drive me crazy, so it’s difficult to pick one only. Kerri’s music has influenced and inspired me a lot. Kerri creates the music that I always wanted to hear, this synthesis between black music and electronic music – “Atmospheric Beats” is the fruit of that synthesis. I have the vinyl but played it so much that we now hear more parasite than the music itself! Thank god I have a double copy. This track always drives me crazy from the first beat which represent for me what house music is, the hypnotic keyboard riff, the Chandleric bass line – at the same time I’m writing these words, I’m listening to the vinyl. 10 years after, it still gives me that sensation you know: this track is both modern & timeless – a great producer’s signature.”


Dj Kellicious (London, UK) – ”Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

“My favorite track by Kerri (hands down) is “Atmospheric Beats”. It’s a timeless classic and evokes such a beautifully optimistic energy about it – much like the man himself! It never leaves my CD wallet, it’s in my top 5 house tracks of all time. For me, it’s the tune that defines New York deep house. When you listen to these new school house tracks from young producers reviving an old school sound, you will hear “Atmospheric Beats”. It’s the blueprint. I can’t really choose one special moment playing it because whenever I drop it, it just LIFTS the floor. Every. Single. Time. No matter where or what crowd – as soon as those horns kick in, everyone goes OFF. There’s nothing else like this record – it is pure magic and always will be.”


Amnaye (TGV,  Paris – France) – “Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

Alors mon morceau préféré de Kerri Chandler c’est “Atmospheric beats” (Extended Version) sur Ibadan…..J’ai rencontré Kerri Chandler quand je sortais aux soirée Cheers, Greg & Sven l’ont booké et c’était la première fois que j’allais le voir, c”était en 2000″ et comme je m’y connaissais en son, Greg et Sven m’ont demandé de les aider pour préparer le set de Kerri, le contact s’est tellement bien passé qu’à chaque fois que Kerri revenais à Paris, j’étais le sound guy attitré et chaque fois j’apprenais un truc sur le son et comment faire sonner un sound system pour que notre musique sonne de manière optimale….tout ceci à aussi grandement contribué à mon introduction dans la scène House parisienne…J’ai une petite anecdote sur la première fois, Kerri avais besoin de liquide nettoyant pour ses vinyls et je lui ai ramené le mien, il me l’a dédicacé à la fin du set et je l’ai toujours presque 10 ans après.

My favorite track is “Atmospheric beats” (extended version) on Ibadan. I met Kerri at Cheers party, run by Greg & Sven. They booked him in 2000, the first time I saw him. As I have knowledge as a sound engineer, Greg & Sven asked me to help them out to set up the booth and sounds for Kerri. That went so well that each time Kerri came over to play in Paris, I was called to set up the sound for him at any house party. Each time, I learned from him how to set the sound up properly in order for our lovely music to sound optimal. I learnd many tips. Due to Kerri, I got introduced to the Parisian house scene. I have a little anecdote from the first time I set up for Kerri: he needed a liquid cleaner for his vinyl, I brought mine. At the end of the party he signed it….after 10 years I still have it  ”


Jeremy Newall (Catch A Groove) – ‘Don’t Play No Game’ – Third Generation (Ibadan – 2006)

“For over 20 years, Kerri’s music has always had a place in my record box. I cannot name one track easily, as his Raw Grooves have always been such an Inspiration to our dancefloors. His tracks always create an Atmosphere on the dancefloor, simply making people want to Get It Off. Kerri should Shelter from the Rain, head to the nearest Bar A Thym and have a Drink on Me. I Got That Feeling that he Don’t Play No Games.


Gavin Kendrick (Southport Weekender, Suncebeat, Ronnie Scotts, Sound of Dusk) – “Don’t Hide Your Love From Me – Jennifer Morrison, Dennis Ferrer & Kerri Chandler” (Madhouse – 2010)

“A number of Kerri Chandler records have shaped my musical tastes at different times over the past ten years, but there is one that holds a particularly special place for me. It’s taken from the second installment of his ‘A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin’ series and was released on Madhouse Records in 2002. The CD issue included a bonus DJ mix of the entire album, recorded live at Centro Fly in New York. ‘Don’t Hide Your Love From Me’ was a collaboration with Dennis Ferrer (who also lends background vocals to the track) but this is an unmistakable Kerri Chandler production.

I was going through a difficult period when the album came into my life, and when Kerri worked this track into the mix after Grampa’s hard-hitting ‘Sound of Music Is’, tears flowed as Jennifer Renee Morrison’s heartfelt lyrics inspired me to deal with feelings I’d been running away from for the first time. I can remember the moment as if it was yesterday, this achingly beautiful track being the centre of the experience. It’s one of the few pieces of music that I can sincerely say changed my life – I moved on from that moment as a different, happier person. I’ve never had the chance to personally thank Kerri for what his song did for me, and this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Thank you Kerri, you have a gift and I am deeply grateful that you continue to share it with us, your worldwide musical family.”


Irfan (Rainy City Music, Community) – “Can’t You See? (Raw Grooves Vol 3) – Kerri Chandler” (Large – 1997)

“I’ve chosen this track because it brings back soo many good memories playing this at the Rainy City Music parties in Manchester in the mid 90s just after I had put out my first releases. Kerri had come to spin at the Hacienda too and I had bumped into him walking the city streets alone whilst going to record shops. I chose this track over ‘Love Will Find  A Way’ (in which he sings and demonstrates that he could easily have gone down the Josh Milan singing route) and classics like ‘ Inspiration, ‘ Bar A Thym’,’Oblivion’ etc etc because it’s the signature style that made all of us House artists & djs get hooked by his sound. Signature tight drums, rock solid rhythmic chords, hypnotic groove basslines and samples with a bad ass saxophonist taking the track home!


The simplicity in letting the groove hold it together throughout the track and vibing over the top is how Kerri always rocked the House nation. He was smart and hungry enough to be prolific with his releases. I first came across his music via the Bas Noir remixes he did, which Paul Trouble used to hammer at the time. It was the beginning of a certain type of tougher Jersey style Soulful House as we now know it. His music typified a certain inner city Jersey Black American House Music style just like NYC did with East Coast Hip Hop in the same period. But as a fellow artist I respect him far more for making the Afro sound like ‘Coro’, the Brazilian flavoured ‘ Escravos De Jo’, the Nina Simone remix and ‘Space Invaders’ where he shows up us he’s not a ‘one vibe pony’ and a true artist.


Well I’m firm believer in the body language, aura and inner energy of a person when I meet them even if I don’t know a damn thing about them. Most of the big artists and those who’ve had a little bit of success in this scene have big to monumental egos but Kerri is different and is definitely a special human being for sure. My vibe of him is a gentle, peace loving, music making gentleman who loves humanity and shines his positive light all over it. I’m soo glad that he is finally gaining recognition, crossing over into Circo Loco etc and a new younger audience is now appreciating his stripped down dancing House Music! Long may it continue.  Peace Kerri! ”


Massimiliano Gerosa – “Insomnia Again – Kerri Chandler” (Madhouse – 1992)

“My favourite track of Kerri is “Insomnia Again” coming from the “Panic EP” on Madhouse. This song has always represented something special for me because I love the piano rides in it: the piano keys/phrases, KC typical Madhouse beats, dope basslines and occasional male vocal sample! I have a beautiful memory of me listening to “Insomnia Again” one day in my room over and over many times while I was playing with my pc to Rollcage, an arcade-style racing game in which cars can drive on walls or ceilings because of the airflow passing over them at extreme speeds.  I think this song completely describes settings of Harpoon Islands, a series of tracks of the game on a group of tropical islands.
I think I could never stop to say thank you Kerri for producing such a splendid musical gem like “Insomnia Again” is. Thank you Master!”


Kumigar aka Kumiko Yajim – ‘Your Embrace (Kerri Chandler’s Media Mix) – Anthony Flanagan (Madhouse – 2010)

“When I felt I did not belong to Japan when I first returned after years spent overseas, the very first intro of this mixed CD was this song, “Your Embrace” brought so much comfort and love in my heart, and it was my favorite thing to cherish the mix at night running along the river under the moon light.

Kerri’s expressions in music is quite diverse and can create sentimental, deep, sexy atmosphere to the fierce beats that just take over you instantly and all you can do is just dance to digest astonishing energy you feel from the music. Kerri is most definitely one of the BEST producers, djs and a friend, who is absolutely warm and divine, every single time I get the opportunity to share a moment with. One last thing, I really admire and love Kerri Chandler as a musician and also as someone I look up to, sharing such beautiful energy with everyone 24/7. I do not think my love for the music exists unless Kerri has brought so much amazing work into this world, really. Thank you.”


K’Alexi (Chicago, USA) – ‘Can You Feel It – Kerri Chandler Mix”

“Can You Feel It” – The fact that NOBODY ever really found out Kerri did it. As always he did just a wonderful job!”


Andy Compton (The Rurals, Peng) – “My Daughter Kerri – Kerri Chandler” (Large Records – 2002)

“My favourite song from Kerri is “My Daughter Kerri” on Large Records, a beautiful song for his little girl, showing his love. This song was on a Harley and Muscle compilation’, which was the only album that would get my lil’ lad (when he was a toddler) to sleep! He’d request it every time, so I would hear it ever night and his lyrics touched me, as I felt the same for my son…

Kerri has written so many amazing soulful songs, and has a place in my heart forever!”


Michael Canitrot (So Happy in Paris, France) – “Behold the Sun – Kerri Chandler” (King Street – 2003)

“So hard to pick one track from one of the best House Music producers ever! My favourites would be: Rain, Coro, Hallelujah but I’ll say Behold the Sun; this vocal is a pure escape with emotion and intensity! I’ve compiled ‘Behold The Sun’ in my So,Happy in Paris?’ compilation, released in 2007 and it is still a real jewel! Respect Kerri.”


Neil Briggs (Champion / Madhouse Records) – ‘Heaven (feat. Christopher McCray) – Kerri Chandler (Madhouse – 2011)

“My favourite tune of Kerri’s has to be “Heaven” (featuring Christopher McCray) as it was the tune that brought Madhouse back as a label after a 10 year absence.  I remember the day that Kerri sent it over to us – it caused a real stir in the office and we all had it going around in our heads for days.  Not only did it sound like an amazing Kerri Chandler production, but Chris’ vocal performance was one of the best we’d ever heard from him.  Kerri is a legend in every sense of the word – he’s down to earth, has so much time for people, as well as being an incredibly talented and timeless producer.  It’s a privilege to get the chance to work alongside him.”


DJ Marcia Carr (TMP, Ladybugz, London) – “Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel” (King Street – 1991)

“It’s ridiculous to ask me what my favourite Kerri track is – his catalogue is huge, of which I still own quite a lot of (vinyl) titles. From the heavy bass-lined cuts, to the gospel laced inspired harmonic songs and his less is more mono-directional grooves and beats – even the jazz themed scores are all formidable; DJ tools and sing-a-long titles are all in there and still stand the test of time. For now let’s go with ‘The Way I Feel’ by Tears Of Velva. The fact is this single (the ’4 Daye Mix’) incorporates all of those aforementioned elements; a hard thudding kick, Kerri’s signature grimy bass lines slips in immediately with a few chord stabs, then there’s the repeated simple vocals and melodies from vocalist Velva; minimal and well spaced out designed to carry that chunky incessant groove.

When I first heard this, I felt like I was right inside the music of this composition, or maybe I have just been taken with the music too seriously all of these years. Its driving momentum and energy, has a feel which is constant yet somehow the arrangement gives a different impression of depth with a plethora of sub bass and electric chord layers – perfect for the late night club session – 18 years on it’s a blueprint for many producers today; it is so fresh.

As a dancer then and being a DJ, this track for me was one of the highlights of House (US garage as it was termed back in 1993).

With most Kerri productions you always know you are getting something special which will always set dance floors alight.  Many have tried to emulate his style which I guess is flattering for him, but there will only ever be one one master of the Madhouse sound. Kerri is a don, God bless him xx”


Alex Agore (No Matter What) – “Mookies Bio – Kerri Chandler feat. Dee Dee Brave” (11:07 Presentations – 1998)

“I could have picked 20 others. But this tune was always special to me because it’s jus how house music should sound. Banging and deep at the same time. Without Kerri’s Music I would have never started making my own. It’s that simple. Hes in a league of his own and sure as hell a big musical role model.”

David Elliott (Stereo, Space) – “Good Vibrations – Kerri Chandler & Roy Ayers (Madhouse

“New Jersey to me has for decades been the epicenter of music and Kerri Chandler is the man who flies the flag and both keeps the musical heritage alive and takes it forward. And what a great guy to know and work with. Thank you Kerri, you made a difference. I love my Mad House album, my excursions album, my dozens of ep’s and singles but have a great memory of being stood next to Kerri in the DJ box and hearing for the first time the piano intro of GOOD VIBRATIONS (his collaboration with the legendary Roy Ayers) with the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Wonderful memories.”


Yousef (Circus, UK) – ‘Glitch Bounce – Kerri Chandler” (Digitalsoul Session 4 – Large – 2002)

“It’s obviously impossible to choose one of Kerri’s tracks, I don’t think there has been such a prolific house producer, ever… I dont mean just knocking some beats around a sample. I mean each track is a composition of music, with ideas and a plan. That said the tracks that always get me are his stripped back groove tracks like “1/2/3/4″ but the track I still play and love is ‘Glitch Bounce’! Dirty and warm, raw and well made, groovy and pumping. As good now as it was in 2002.”

Robert Owens (Chicago) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Kerri Chandler, you have been and will forever be a musical umbrella of love, from tracks like ‘Get It Off’, ‘Deeper’, ‘Inspiration’ and so many other beautiful songs. Your delivery and style has given me hope many times when my heart was lost in the rain. I feel grateful and blessed every time I get the chance to play a gig with you and feel the warmth of your presence. Thank you for being a musical light that shines so bright and for also being the wonderful person I see whenever we meet. Love and respect forever from Robert Owens”


Neil Pierce (Rhemi, Deep Into Soul) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“My all time favourite  is “Inspiration”.  The lyrics are as poignant today as they were when the track was made, and I think it sums up Kerri to a to a ‘T’ as it’s about being grateful, humble and compassionate….three words that spring to mind when I think of Kerri and what he has done for the music we all love so much! Respect through and through!”


Adam Cruz (Mixtape Sessions, West End Records) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what my choice might be for my favorite Kerri track, but I just kept writing down more and more titles. The more I think about it, the harder it is to pick one track. I think that speaks to Kerri’s incredible talent and genius. If I had to choose though, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between “Inspiration” and “Rain.” I chose “Inspiration” because of the genuine heart and soul that you hear in the music combined with the synergy created between him and Arnold – magical! I chose “Rain,” not only because the record is a truly original piece of art, but because it’s a great song that showcases his lead vocals as well – what a voice! As a matter of fact, “Rain” deeply inspired me to step out and sing on my own. My new “Emospiritual Travelin” LP was birthed partly because of Kerri’s willingness to put himself out there as a vocalist. Through his music, he made me feel encouraged.”


Dave Alcock (MN2S) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Few epitomise the true sound of house music like Kerri Chandler. An artist who’s work transcends generations, Kerri’s unique fusion of soulful vocals and no nonsense beats has always set his studio work out from the crowd. In the DJ booth, he has an uncanny ability to connect with any crowd, big or small. Working for Kerri brings new inspiration every day.”


Ryo Watanabe (Face/Escape,Tokyo) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“This song is my all time favorite. See you in Tokyo soon Kerri!”


Craig Smith (6th Borough Project, Soul Renegades) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“With such a strong body of work and the influence it had on me I thought picking out one track would be near impossible but the moment I sat and thought about it there was one clear choice, for me “Inspiration” featuring Arnold Jarvis is the one. It’s such an emotional, almost perfect track that really moves me and lifts my spirit. Every time I hear so many memories and feelings flood back. One such being chilling at the hotel bar with Kerri, the promoters and few friends after we had played a gig together and he started playing Inspiration on the piano in the bar…..a truly magical memory from one of the nicest, most talented men you could meet.”

Martin Lodge (Candy Apple) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“There are so many great Kerri tracks to choose from, the man is a legend. There are all the superb “Sphere” tracks and EPs which are pure Kerri beats and the great “Raw Grooves” collections. But for me the track that is my ultimate favourite and will never leave my CD wallet/record box is “Inspiration” with the great vocal talents of Arnold Jarvis, I can’t remember the first time I heard it but I do remember Kerri dropping it at ‘Need 2 Soul; at the Key Club in Kings X and the place going absolutely ballistic.
Kerri you are an Inspiration to me…no I’m not gonna sing it.”


Dj Lea Lisa (Lyon, France) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)
“Pour moi il y a temps de morceaux de Kerri que j’affectionne, sa discographie fait partie de ma vie. Certains tracks me touchent toujours aussi profondément même après des centaines d’écoutes. Depuis des années il crée une musique qui parle au cœur et à son public grâce à ses grandes qualités humaines.”Inspiration” restera à mon sens un des meilleurs, la voix d’Arnold Jarvis, le texte, les claviers, tout est parfait et profond. C’est un des Anthems de la House Music…Je resterai aussi toute ma vie reconnaissante qu’il est écrit pour moi “Je t’aime” À une période difficile de ma vie. De mes 15 ans passés dans le djing, ce fut ma plus belle rencontre.”

“For me, there are so many Kerri tracks that touch me, his discography is part of my life. Some tracks still give me that feeling even after hundreds of listenins. For years, Kerri creates music which speaks with heart and touches the listener, thanks to his great human qualities. ”Inspiration” is for me his best track, Arnold Jarvis’s voice, the lyric, the keyboards -all perfect and deep. It’s a House Music Anthem…All my life, I will be grateful that Kerri wrote “Je t’aime” for me, during a hard period of my life. In 15 years of dj’ing, Kerri is my best meeting ever.”


The Sno-Men aka Mark Kufner and Steve Primiani (Toronto) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Such a tough decision as there are just way too many primo tracks to choose from, but if pressed and Mark and I had to choose an all time favourite, I think we would go with ‘Inspiration’ ft Arnold Jarvis on Freetown from ’94.

The Mid 90′s was a fantastic time for us and the ‘scene’ in this city. There were several venues where you could get out to hear uplifting and inspirational music on any given night of the week – but one in particular was ‘The OZ’ and this was the first time that we had heard this song being played and let me tell you it truly was an ‘Inspiration’.  The rich bass line and the haunting vocals of Arnold Jarvis combined with the energy in the air at that time was simply intoxicating! It transported us into a dimension of endless happiness!

Since then each time we have seen Kerri (and there are too many to remember) it has been an emotional and nostalgic experience. Whether through one of his technically flawless DJ sets or his live performances, one thing that remains consistent is the special feelings that surface!

Kerri is truly a master at his craft and his talents combined with his genuine and modest personality make him a HUGE ‘Inspiration’ for us! With Love from Toronto”


Aaron Ross (Fanatix, Restless Soul, Defected, Soul Heaven) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“So many classics it’s hard to choose. But I think it has to be Inspiration with Arnold Jarvis. Just a perfect soulful tune to end a night, I saw Kerri end his last set of the night at Southport with it about 10 years ago and it was a pretty special moment.

His sound is timeless and unique, drum programming is always killer, those solid Kerri kick drums that just punch right through.  Simple stabs and basslines that lock you right into the groove…  It could be techy or soulful or percussive but you’ll always know it’s Kerri!”


Benji Candelario (NYC) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Kerri Chandler! How can any of us just limit ourselves to just one favorite track. The man single handedly gave New York its underground feel. 6 minutes at times of only just pure kick and bass-line but we would rest assured confidently that it was going to move our floors. I guess if I had to limit myself to an all time favorite I would have to say INSPIRATION. It’s a timeless piece that needs no introduction you can stop your set at any point, drop it from the very first bar, step back and watch the reaction.”


Mark Hogg & Jamie Scahill -The Slammin’ Boys – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“An absolute pearl of a track that still stands the test of time to this day. Love it.”


Luke Solomon (Classic) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Hands down my favorite Kerri record. Not quite so much for the record itself, although that is brilliant, but also for the memory that surrounds it. I was working at Freetown at the time (the label that released the record,) and I remember Sankey taking delivery of the song. He listened to it once. Rolled a massive joint, then listened again, and again, and again, and again. It was after about the 10th listen that it really sunk in. The record was perfect. But it wasn’t instant. It just drew you in…..and slowly became a Classic.”


Chip E. – Trax, Chicago, USA

“My fondest memory of Kerri isn’t a song, but an experience. I was touring Asia, and my wife and I decided to take some time off and visit Okinawa. So we were checking out a local club, and just as we were entering, Kerri was coming up the stairs behind us. Kerri was the guest DJ, and we had a great time vibeing to his music set. Of all the places to run into a good friend and great musician/DJ…Okinawa. It was a magical time.”


Dj Master H (Komplex de Deep records, Paris, France) – “What about Us? (Raw Grooves 3) – Kerri Chandler (Large – 1997)
“Hard to choose in the middle of all these diamonds that Kerri has produced. And just the same as a lot of DJ’s/Producers,Clubbers,Dancers Music Lovers, I’m a huge fan. But if I had to choose one, my pick goes to “What About Us” on Large Records .I remember the first time I was listening to this dance floor destroyer….in 1997 at Dancetrax NYC (infamous record shop). I had a blast that day and I’m still playing it ever since that time.”


Declan Comiskey (Groovement Soul, Dublin) – “Keep Me Inside – Kerri Chandler (from Trionisphere EP Part 1) (Kingstreet Sounds – 1996)

“Such a difficult thing trying to pick a favourite from Kerri’s back catalogue as there are so many amazing tracks that hold so many great memories for me. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I start dancing to and buying House Music. The track I chose is one that has consistently found its way back in my box over the years and which I still play it regularly. Hard to believe it’s almost 16 years old as it sounds just as relevant and fresh. Its Deep n Soulful and has that unmistakable Kerri Sound. You’re an Inspiration. Thank You For The Music!”


DJ Bones (A Nu Breed of Jazz, The House Of Rhythm)- Ecravos De Jo – Kerri Chandler & Joe Claussel (Ibadan – 1997) / Cesaria Evora – Nho Antone Escaderode (Kerri Chandler Remix) (Lusafrica – 2003)

“Inspiration for obvious reasons, the words, the music and the deepness, a stone cold classic.

Escravos De Jo (With Joe Claussell) – From the first time I heard it, I was blown away and still am today. The sound textures, the vibe…..another timeless classic.

And finally, Cesaria Evora/Kerri Chandler – Nho Antone Escaderode, no words needed, absolutely amazing!”


Trevor ‘Ras T’ Levene (Househuntin’) – Club Artists United – Sweet Chariot (The Big Dark Mixx of Kerri Chandler) (Nervous – 1996)

“Its got to be ‘Sweet Chariot’ for me, the original mix. Deepness, spiritual, LOVE & happy vibes whenever I play the track, back in the day. Mr Chandler is ALWAYS on POINT and has been a major influence in my musical journey and continue’s to be an INSPIRATION to many. 1x”


Burnski (Back To Basics, Real Tone) – ”Downtown  (Dark Mix) – Kerri Chandler” (Downtown 161 – 2006)

“Such a hard question. I have been DJing 12 years now, and I own more Kerri Chandler records than anyone else I dare say, so this is a tricky one. He has definitely been my biggest inspiration from the start, and even today I still play his records in most my sets. If I had to pick one it would have to be his Downtown dark mix, the 12″ I have is almost worn out. It’s a total timeless classic. Nice one Kerri!”


TrueSelf (Atjazz Record Company) – The Songstress – See Line Woman (See Line Woman Vocal)  – (Ibadan –

“I feel like I should have a picked a completely original Kerri track like the Raw Grooves EP (which I love,) but this particularly holds a special place in my heart. So it’s a pleasure that I get to share this with such an inspirational being and with everyone.

Taking on the challenge of remixing such a classic just goes to show there are no boundaries as to what he does. Even though I was 11 years of age when this came out (wow, that feels weird writing that,) it still played a major role in my development as a DJ, producer and more than anything a lover of music. I know I have only just begun my journey, but people like Kerri have made what I have chosen to do such an exciting prospect. Much respect and many thanks and blessings. X”

Ben Brophy – “A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin’ – A Madhouse Compilation’” (Madhouse Records – 1992)

“Firstly let me say it’s been testament to Kerri just how responsive everyone who’s contributed to this project has been. And the comments from everyone…..people from all around the world getting back in touch straight away, eager to share their thoughts, love and memories of Kerri. It says all that needs to be said!

OK so I’m cheating and selecting a release over a single track, but that’s exercising editor’s prerogative right? Whilst I could have easily chosen Inspiration which is definitely my most played Kerri track (and for which it was an honour to be asked to play it on keys alongside him recently), it has to be ‘A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin’” – a) because of what it represents b) because it’s near the start of the exciting Kerri Chandler production journey and c) because no one else has selected it.

The title says it all – you can hear that it’s the spirit in which the music was (and is) made and intended. Raw, underground, emotive & deep.  The simplicity. The tight production. The SOUL. Kamar’s ‘I Need You’, Dreamer G’s ‘I Got That Feeling’ & Krista’ FA’s ‘Why You Wanna’! I didn’t know who Kerri Chandler was before this, but I soon realised that whoever he was, his music was hitting the mark every time, without fail. It really talked to me. It was an exciting era for the music and hearing these tracks played on the pirates and at underground London spots is largely what inspired (and continues to inspire) me to seek musical goodness on dancefloors every week.

Krista FA ‘Why You Wanna’ – from 1992′s ‘A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin’ – a Madhouse Compilation’

As many contributors commented when compiling these favourites, just to have ONE of these tracks in one’s production repertoire would make you proud. To have dozens (we haven’t even touched the likes of See Line Woman, Heal Your Heart or another 20) speaks volumes of the man. Oh, and humbleness: the most endearing trait one can have. Kerri embodies it. Kerri’s always stayed TRUE to both himself and his music and that’s repeated in all the sentiments above. Gifted, sincere, genuine and deep. A visionary and respected pioneer. I’m very grateful for both his music and his friendship. An inspiration. R.e.S.p.E.c.T.

And just taking the liberty to wrap up with this as no one’s mentioned it and it deserves to be included. Sexy, deep, dark room, big system, early hours bliss. Music to get lost inside of.”


Volcov aka Isoul8 (Neroli, Archive) – “Kerri Chandler – Sunday Sunlight” (Metaphor – 1999)

“It’s hard to pick up a favourite….tracks like ‘Rain’, ‘I Got That Feelin’, ‘On My Way’, ‘Where’s the Love in the World’ are really special to me, but if I have to choose one ‘Sunday Sunlight’ has a lot of his classic elements: raw yet musical…and I love his singing too!”


Dimitri from Paris (Paris, France)  – Sound of Music – Kerri Chandler & Dimitri from Paris (2004)

“Kerri is a great figure in House Music history, he has been constantlly delivering music of the highest quality standards for more than 2 decades”


Stuart Patterson (East Village, Vintage House Foundation) – ‘Climax 3 (Stratosphere EP) – Kerri Chandler (Madhouse – 1994)

‘A fave Kerri track? Too difficult as too many I love which is a mark of the man’s skill as a producer. Could have named 20 or so but I dug out Climax 3 off The Stratosphere ep this week for our Vintage House night. It’s a great example of hard as nail beats merged with some sweet saxophone the way Kerri does best.   I won’t even say more please cos we know they’ll be plenty’


Sven Love (Cheers Records, Paris – France) – KCYC – Stompin’ Ground (Strictly Rhythm – 1993)

“Stompin Ground” I had my first Garage steps with this song in the 90′s.”


Zaki (Muak) – Tomorrow – Kerri Chandler (Large)

“Well, well where do we start? The nicest man, with the nicest music. Here’s a track I love so much – so much feeling, so much meaning, what house music is all about, making every one feel good, and smile. This track – tomorrow gets me in the heart every time and still gives me that tingly feeling.

“When ever you’re sad or your head down… this will get your head up to the happy land.”

Now this is what House music is about – a feeling, to make people feel good. With Kerri…..that’s guaranteed. Hugs for Kerri”


Gigi Lau, Hong Kong – “Heal My Heart (Kaoz Original Concept Mix) – Kerri Chandler feat. Treasa Diva Fennie (King Street Sounds – 1999)

“Wow, it’s just impossible to pick one of Kerri’s tracks as a favourite. OK, “Heal My Heart” will be my pick. This is classic house at it’s best! Not only is it uplifting and deep with a soulful groove but it’s the power of how Kerri delivers it. This song defines Kerri’s signature style along with the classic label, King Street Sounds. Respect to this man all the way”


Robbi NYpromoter (NYC, USA) – “I Got That Feeling (Feel Mix) -Dreamer G” (Madhouse 1992)

“My all time favourite Kerri Chandler jam is “I Got That Feeling (Feel Mix) – Dreamer G”. It was actually the one record that stood out for me at the Shelter back in 1992. Whats funny was back then as a non frequent club patron I never knew the title and of course the name Kerri Chandler, and left Shelter with the assumption I would never hear that record again. I always kept a distinct memory of the heavy bass line drives this track along with the raspy vocal and never forgot how it soaked up the dancefloor. I finally heard it (or sort of) at the Sound Factory Bar but was a lil’ confused because I knew that was definately the vocals but the track sounded “lighter.” About a Year later I was at Dance Tracks record store and noticed “I Got That Feeling”(Feel Mix)” on 12 inch single, listened to it and finally caught up with it. Kudos to Kerri”


Lady Duracell (PushFM, Get Lifted) -”Six Pianos – Kerri Chandler” – (Deeply Rooted House – 2005)

“Trying to choose just one of Kerri Chandler’s records is an almost impossible task.  From the classics like “Hallelujah” and “Rain”, to the deeper soundscapes of the likes of “Downtown”, “TSIY”, “In The Morning”, “Oblivion” and “My Paradise”.

So finally, I’m going to choose “Six Pianos”, an epic journey into the deep which
never fails to lift me.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this
musical genius?  I just have so much love for this man & his music.”


Simon Chappelow & Phil Dring (Hard Times)  – ‘Bassmental featuring Charles McDougald – It’s The Music’ (King Street – 1994)

“Picking your favorite piece of music by Kerri Chandler is a hard task that makes us feel like kids in a sweet shop! Consistently Kerri has been deeply rooted in the tree of house. We can remember the first time we heard him spin at Stereo at Space in Leeds were we held a residency with Jason Shaw, Jamie Barber and Steve Wilkinson and also Dave Elliot. We were shocked when he played Ben Brophy’s Roland keyboard as I remember Ben used to practice the keys from Kerri & Arnold Jarvis’s Inspiration and to be fair Kerri nearly played it as well as him!

From the first day Phil & myself started to collect records, one mix that still gets the most plays after all these years is the first ‘Mix the Vibe’ on King Street which Kerri mixed & pretty much set the standard for all the other mixes that followed. All the music on that mix is unbelievable, but the track that really stood out was ‘Bassmental featuring Charles McDougald, It’s The Music’. It’s still in the box after all these years – a definite stone cold classic that reminds of of our youth and makes us reminisce. Cheers Kerri”


Richard Hanson (Suburban Soul) – “The Boom Can (The Finger Printz EP – Kerri Chandler” (Madhouse – 1995)

“There are too many tracks to choose from, but The Boom Can springs to mind, I used to play it to death, the raw bass and beats really signify Kerri, never has a man deserved such rich praise!”

Simon Stuart (The Sonic Emporium) – “The Good Reverend Dr. Gary Henry – Faith ‘Kerri’s Feel Good Dub’” (Sfere – 1998)
“Living away from home for the first time, it was actually Paul Woolford who put me on to this when he was working at Barking Records in the Corn Exchange, Leeds. I was just a customer, would never have regarded myself as a DJ or Producer or anything like that – Wooly was always really honest and true about the records he recommended to anyone who came in. This record stands out so well from that time for me. It’d been played at Basics the previous Saturday night and he couldn’t shut up about it. Paul’s infectious enthusiasm and the fact that the record was indeed outstanding (backed by some terrific work by Dennis Ferrer on the flip) had me properly hooked.

For me the record’s about hopes and dreams, being true to yourself, having ‘Faith’ if you will, getting through the tough times and emerging at the other side a better, stronger person. Hopefully, here I now am and exactly that. Music gives you faith, Kerri Chandler is Music”

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