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Tristan DaCunha (Back To Basics / Dungeon Meat / Throwing Shapes / Redux) – “Get It Off – Three Generations” (Atlantic – 1990) / “It’s You – Kerri Chandler” (Trionisphere Pt 2. King Street – 1995)

“Being asked what your favourite Kerri record feels the same as being asked “what’s your favourite house track of all time” – such a difficult one to answer when there are so many to choose from. Kerri’s tracks and songs have always had been a firm fixture in my dj sets, playing at least one or 2 (minimum) each time. One that has never left the bag in particular is “Get It Off” – not the original but the Dj Deep edit on Deeply Rooted House. For me this is one of the special tracks in the story of Mr. Chandler as it was the very beginning, it was where it all started. Even though the story behind the track is very tragic it somehow manages to uplift me every time I play it: the beats, the bass line, the “get it off” vocals and then the head turning vinyl skating sample that rips through the system, throwing a curveball for the people on the dance floor left wondering what the hell just happened? Then in the 2nd half of the track, a sense of uplifting bliss comes through with the dreamy “now is the time” vocals. Never fails to give me goosebumps and alter my mind.”

However as I know Danny Krivit also mentioned this track as his favourite then I feel inclined to mention another firm favourite of mine in order to maximise the variety in this amazing piece. Next in line would have to be “It’s You”. This for me is a perfect lesson in deep house. The beats the bass line, the horns screeching over the top, the smooth chords and those incredible vocals never fail to make me reach for the sky. The structure of how the track flows keeps you going all the way through and is truly a house music masterpiece. Kerri has a real skill at being current and on point but also remaining timeless at the same time. If I had to pick an all star team of personal house heroes Kerri would definitely be in there straight away. I can’t think of another US producer who has kept their musical integrity so in tact after such a long career. Still at the top of his game bringing the Kaoz… RESPECT.”


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