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“Back in 2012 I read an interview with Kerri in the respected London based Faith / Strobelight Honey magazine which asked a handful of DJ’s to select a track of Kerri’s & it sparked an idea. What if we expanded on what the interview started and we reached out to a number of industry peers and simply asked them to select a favourite Kerri Chandler track and say a few words about the man & / or his music.

So we did. And……the response was phenomenal, as you’ll see in this site (click here for home page or here for peers’ nominations & words in text format!)

In less than 24 hours we had over 50 contributions…..effortlessly, with peers recommending other peers to message in their comments. Testament to both Kerri and his music. (If you want to leave a comment or your favourite click here).

One of the striking things is the depth and breadth of the catalogue selected; nobody knew what anybody else was choosing, yet over 60 different titles (and counting) were selected as personal favourites. I’m hard pushed to think of any artists dead or alive who’s peers would pick 60 distinct titles!

Whilst inviting contributions the one consistent complaint we got was “We can ONLY choose one track?” – The answer – “Yes.”

For all music heads this is a good insight into both the impact Kerri has had on the global scene & also into which tracks have made different people (and floors around the world) tick. As Paul Woolford & Irfan Rainy stated, “it’s also exciting to think of the younger generation coming through who didn’t actually live it as it was all emerging & who are only hearing much of this music for the very first time. What a treat they’re in for.”

Hopefully it will help serve as a good base to help understand some of the fundamental roots of much of today’s music & dance culture and enable people to support the music, labels & artists.

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Have Your Say….please add your thoughts, message or favourite tracks in the comments post at this page  – click here.

And if you have friends or people you know enjoy Kerri’s music, please share with them.


Note: 18th August 2016
Soon after 2012 the original site that hosted all of this info went down whilst transferring the original KerriChandler domain across to Mn2s & whilst away on an international project.

Seeing Kerri tonight at his London Boiler Room gig reminded me of this almost forgotten content & how much goodwill, love & insight was shared through everyone’s contributions….and how it would be a total waste of each person’s efforts if it was left dormant.

So yesterday I went about relocating the web files & repopulated this site to leave as a legacy, to help educate those who aren’t as familiar with Kerri’s music & also to invite people such as yourself to leave a comment, thought or favourite (by clicking here).

It’s been a pleasure to collate.  Much gratitude & respect to everyone who’s contributed and to you for taking an interest in reading this.

Enjoy the music, the memories and the goodness – the words in the tributes say it all, as do the sentiments shared here.

With love & respect for my dear friend, the inspiring, humble & talented gent that is Kerri Chandler!”

– Ben Brophy

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