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Alix Alvirez (Sole Channel, LA, USA) – “Atmosphere – The Lost Dubs (Kerri’s Foundation Dub) – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 1998)

“What can I already say about a pioneer who has given us nearly 25 years of greatness and still continues to shine with every piece of music he releases? His body of work is outstanding. It is because of Kerri that producers like myself hold such a high standard of quality to our music. He is the epitome of excellence when it comes to music production. To pick one record of Kerri’s as a favorite is impossibly hard. I have so many amazing memories of Kerri’s music both on the decks and off the decks. But one of my favorite pieces of Kerri’s work would have to be “Atmosphere” on Ibadan Records (1998). I remember taking that mysterious green and white 12″ home and listening to it over and over again being mesmerized at how the recording sounded so fat and so raw but it also had such a cool feel about it at the same time. Everything about the track fit perfectly. It was fresher than anything in my record collection at the time. I still play that record out to this day. It still gives people a good feeling on the dancefloor which is what his music will continue to do for a lifetime. Kerri Chandler truly is THE definition of house Music. A big thank you to Mr. Chandler! Here’s to many more years of creating magic! Sincerely, Alix.”

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