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Robert Owens (Chicago) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Kerri Chandler, you have been and will forever be a musical umbrella of love, from tracks like ‘Get It Off’, ‘Deeper’, ‘Inspiration’ and so many other beautiful songs. Your delivery and style has given me hope many times when my heart was lost in the rain. I feel grateful and blessed every time I get the chance to play a gig with you and feel the warmth of your presence. Thank you for being a musical light that shines so bright and for also being the wonderful person I see whenever we meet. Love and respect forever from Robert Owens”


Neil Pierce (Fanatix, Soul Heaven) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“My all time favourite is “Inspiration”. The lyrics are as poignant today as they were when the track was made, and I think it sums up Kerri to a to a ‘T’ as it’s about being grateful, humble and compassionate….three words that spring to mind when I think of Kerri and what he has done for the music we all love so much! Respect through and through!”


Adam Cruz (Mixtape Sessions, West End Records) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“I’ve been thinking a lot about what my choice might be for my favorite Kerri track, but I just kept writing down more and more titles. The more I think about it, the harder it is to pick one track. I think that speaks to Kerri’s incredible talent and genius. If I had to choose though, I’d have to say it’s a toss-up between “Inspiration” and “Rain.” I chose “Inspiration” because of the genuine heart and soul that you hear in the music combined with the synergy created between him and Arnold – magical! I chose “Rain,” not only because the record is a truly original piece of art, but because it’s a great song that showcases his lead vocals as well – what a voice! As a matter of fact, “Rain” deeply inspired me to step out and sing on my own. My new “Emospiritual Travelin” LP was birthed partly because of Kerri’s willingness to put himself out there as a vocalist. Through his music, he made me feel encouraged.”


Dave Alcock (MN2S) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Few epitomise the true sound of house music like Kerri Chandler. An artist who’s work transcends generations, Kerri’s unique fusion of soulful vocals and no nonsense beats has always set his studio work out from the crowd. In the DJ booth, he has an uncanny ability to connect with any crowd, big or small. Working for Kerri brings new inspiration every day.”


Ryo Watanabe (Face/Escape,Tokyo) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“This song is my all time favorite. See you in Tokyo soon Kerri!”


Craig Smith (6th Borough Project, Soul Renegades) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“With such a strong body of work and the influence it had on me I thought picking out one track would be near impossible but the moment I sat and thought about it there was one clear choice, for me “Inspiration” featuring Arnold Jarvis is the one. It’s such an emotional, almost perfect track that really moves me and lifts my spirit. Every time I hear so many memories and feelings flood back. One such being chilling at the hotel bar with Kerri, the promoters and few friends after we had played a gig together and he started playing Inspiration on the piano in the bar…..a truly magical memory from one of the nicest, most talented men you could meet.”


Martin Lodge (Candy Apple) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“There are so many great Kerri tracks to choose from, the man is a legend. There are all the superb “Sphere” tracks and EPs which are pure Kerri beats and the great “Raw Grooves” collections. But for me the track that is my ultimate favourite and will never leave my CD wallet/record box is “Inspiration” with the great vocal talents of Arnold Jarvis, I can’t remember the first time I heard it but I do remember Kerri dropping it at ‘Need 2 Soul; at the Key Club in Kings X and the place going absolutely ballistic.
Kerri you are an Inspiration to me…no I’m not gonna sing it.”


Dj Lea Lisa (Lyon, France) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)
“Pour moi il y a temps de morceaux de Kerri que j’affectionne, sa discographie fait partie de ma vie. Certains tracks me touchent toujours aussi profondément même après des centaines d’écoutes. Depuis des années il crée une musique qui parle au cœur et à son public grâce à ses grandes qualités humaines.”Inspiration” restera à mon sens un des meilleurs, la voix d’Arnold Jarvis, le texte, les claviers, tout est parfait et profond. C’est un des Anthems de la House Music…Je resterai aussi toute ma vie reconnaissante qu’il est écrit pour moi “Je t’aime” À une période difficile de ma vie. De mes 15 ans passés dans le djing, ce fut ma plus belle rencontre.”

“For me, there are so many Kerri tracks that touch me, his discography is part of my life. Some tracks still give me that feeling even after hundreds of listenins. For years, Kerri creates music which speaks with heart and touches the listener, thanks to his great human qualities. ”Inspiration” is for me his best track, Arnold Jarvis’s voice, the lyric, the keyboards -all perfect and deep. It’s a House Music Anthem…All my life, I will be grateful that Kerri wrote “Je t’aime” for me, during a hard period of my life. In 15 years of dj’ing, Kerri is my best meeting ever.”


The Sno-Men aka Mark Kufner and Steve Primiani (Toronto) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Such a tough decision as there are just way too many primo tracks to choose from, but if pressed and Mark and I had to choose an all time favourite, I think we would go with ‘Inspiration’ ft Arnold Jarvis on Freetown from ’94.

The Mid 90′s was a fantastic time for us and the ‘scene’ in this city. There were several venues where you could get out to hear uplifting and inspirational music on any given night of the week – but one in particular was ‘The OZ’ and this was the first time that we had heard this song being played and let me tell you it truly was an ‘Inspiration’. The rich bass line and the haunting vocals of Arnold Jarvis combined with the energy in the air at that time was simply intoxicating! It transported us into a dimension of endless happiness!

Since then each time we have seen Kerri (and there are too many to remember) it has been an emotional and nostalgic experience. Whether through one of his technically flawless DJ sets or his live performances, one thing that remains consistent is the special feelings that surface!

Kerri is truly a master at his craft and his talents combined with his genuine and modest personality make him a HUGE ‘Inspiration’ for us! With Love from Toronto”


Aaron Ross (Fanatix, restless soul, Defected, Soul Heaven) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“So many classics it’s hard to choose. But I think it has to be Inspiration with Arnold Jarvis. Just a perfect soulful tune to end a night, I saw Kerri end his last set of the night at Southport with it about 10 years ago and it was a pretty special moment.

His sound is timeless and unique, drum programming is always killer, those solid Kerri kick drums that just punch right through. Simple stabs and basslines that lock you right into the groove… It could be techy or soulful or percussive but you’ll always know it’s Kerri!”


Benji Candelario (NYC) – ”Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Kerri Chandler! How can any of us just limit ourselves to just one favorite track. The man single handedly gave New York its underground feel. 6 minutes at times of only just pure kick and bass-line but we would rest assured confidently that it was going to move our floors. I guess if I had to limit myself to an all time favorite I would have to say INSPIRATION. It’s a timeless piece that needs no introduction you can stop your set at any point, drop it from the very first bar, step back and watch the reaction.”


Mark Hogg & Jamie Scahill -The Slammin’ Boys – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“An absolute pearl of a track that still stands the test of time to this day. Love it.”


Luke Solomon (Classic) – “Inspiration – Kerri Chandler feat. Arnold Jarvis” (Freetown – 1994)

“Hands down my favorite Kerri record. Not quite so much for the record itself, although that is brilliant, but also for the memory that surrounds it. I was working at Freetown at the time (the label that released the record,) and I remember Sankey taking delivery of the song. He listened to it once. Rolled a massive joint, then listened again, and again, and again, and again. It was after about the 10th listen that it really sunk in. The record was perfect. But it wasn’t instant. It just drew you in…..and slowly became a Classic.”



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