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DJ Marcia Carr (TMP, Ladybugz, London) – “Tears of Velva – The Way I Feel” (King Street – 1991)

“It’s ridiculous to ask me what my favourite Kerri track is – his catalogue is huge, of which I still own quite a lot of (vinyl) titles. From the heavy bass-lined cuts, to the gospel laced inspired harmonic songs and his less is more mono-directional grooves and beats – even the jazz themed scores are all formidable; DJ tools and sing-a-long titles are all in there and still stand the test of time. For now let’s go with ‘The Way I Feel’ by Tears Of Velva. The fact is this single (the ’4 Daye Mix’) incorporates all of those aforementioned elements; a hard thudding kick, Kerri’s signature grimy bass lines slips in immediately with a few chord stabs, then there’s the repeated simple vocals and melodies from vocalist Velva; minimal and well spaced out designed to carry that chunky incessant groove.

When I first heard this, I felt like I was right inside the music of this composition, or maybe I have just been taken with the music too seriously all of these years. Its driving momentum and energy, has a feel which is constant yet somehow the arrangement gives a different impression of depth with a plethora of sub bass and electric chord layers – perfect for the late night club session – 18 years on it’s a blueprint for many producers today; it is so fresh.

As a dancer then and being a DJ, this track for me was one of the highlights of House (US garage as it was termed back in 1993).

With most Kerri productions you always know you are getting something special which will always set dance floors alight. Many have tried to emulate his style which I guess is flattering for him, but there will only ever be one one master of the Madhouse sound. Kerri is a don, God bless him xx”

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