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Tim Deluxe (Get Human, Beat Records) – ”Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)
“I’ve been a big fan of Kerri’s music from the early nineties. His early Dee Dee Brave productions , were what brought him to my attention. My personal favourite however is ‘Track 1′ from the Atmosphere EP. I can still to this day remember the first time I heard it. Dj David Camacho (r.i.p) was doing a guest slot late one night on Kiss 100 Fm here in London. He opened his set with Ten City’s “My Peace Of Heaven”
he then mixed mixed in ‘Track 1′. As soon as the ‘riff’ came in, I was hooked.
It was one of those moments when time stopped.
At the time I worked in Time Is Right Records, Chapel Market, Islington. I couldn’t wait for us to get the record.I remember a regular customer of ours had been in the west end earlier in the day and picked up a copy from Catch a Groove records.
I couldn’t believe it. There it was ‘Track 1′ – this record that I had been looking for had finally arrived! I was straight onto the phone and chased around all the record distributor’s to see who had some.
As soon as we got it I made sure that every customer who came in left with a copy – I was that in love with the track. The real spirit of house music. I can only say much kudos Kerri for the music you’ve blessed us with. Peace and Love”


JP Vinyl Junkies – “Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Atmosphere on Shelter was really the one that got me. I was right there when Sir David Mancoso played at the Loft Club in NY City – yes it was in the morning around 10am and that vinyl (promo) was spinning on David Mancuso’s turntable and you could see all god’s childs dancing on it with such a pure energy to it. Wow, it was in 1993….LOL!”


Claude Monnet (SSOH Music / Back to Fundamentals, France) – “Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1 & Track 2) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

I’ve been hammring this tracks for years since its release in 1993 and and I’m still not tired of playing it. It’s a timeless records. Nowadays when I play “Track 1″, the reaction on the dancefloor is always the same almost 20 years after the first time I played it and I still have the same pleasure to play it, I still have the goose bumps. It is surely in one of the all time house top 10Masterpieces.”


Dom Moir (Shoom, Quaff Soho, Vintage House Foundation) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Well – it’s pretty easy. Atmosphere EP on Shelter Records (tho’ I’m VERY fond of Hallelujah). I was working in Quaff Records, Soho London during the time Atmosphere came out, and it just epitomises and embodies the whole groove everybody was on at that time… It was simple: put that on instore, and you’d get a ‘yup’ or head nod, and five copies went over the counter instantly….Soho was buzzing, Ministry of Sound was rocking, London was alive with HOUSE… And Kerri came with this underground monster.

Frankie Knuckles says it best regarding Kerri Chandler: “Something magical always happens…”

And he’s right… Kerri is one of THE most consistent, gifted and prolific producers of our time, and the House scene wouldn’t be such a wonderful place to be without his continued input. Blessings heaped Mr Kerri Chandler… Blessings.”


Gwen (Space Breaks Records, London) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“A hard and powerful beat and an incredible sub bass – you can immediately recognize the signature of this visionary producer. A very personal way to build his tracks, he always keeps on further exploring his moody sound textures. After 22 years producing this masterpiece track proves it, Kerri is a genius, a true inspiration to all of us!”


Tommy Bones ( NYC, USA) – ‘Atmosphere E.P. (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“Atmosphere EP Track 1″. Kerri signed the vinyl for me @ Legends party at club life in 1998! First time we met in person… made me a bigger fan!”


Doc Martin (Sublevel) – “Atmosphere E.P (Track 1) – Kerri Chandler” (Shelter – 1993)

“I guess my top Kerri track was Track 1 on the Atmosphere Ep/Shelter. That track followed me over the first couple of years in my house education period. It was played so many times by all my house heroes, DJ mates and of course by myself.”



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