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Dj Fudge (Troublemen, France) – “Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

“The Kerri track that touches me the most is “Atmospheric Beats”. However there are so many tracks that drive me crazy, so it’s difficult to pick one only. Kerri’s music has influenced and inspired me a lot. Kerri creates the music that I always wanted to hear, this synthesis between black music and electronic music – “Atmospheric Beats” is the fruit of that synthesis. I have the vinyl but played it so much that we now hear more parasite than the music itself! Thank god I have a double copy. This track always drives me crazy from the first beat which represent for me what house music is, the hypnotic keyboard riff, the Chandleric bass line – at the same time I’m writing these words, I’m listening to the vinyl. 10 years after, it still gives me that sensation you know: this track is both modern & timeless – a great producer’s signature.”


Dj Kellicious (London, UK) – ”Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

“My favorite track by Kerri (hands down) is “Atmospheric Beats”. It’s a timeless classic and evokes such a beautifully optimistic energy about it – much like the man himself! It never leaves my CD wallet, it’s in my top 5 house tracks of all time. For me, it’s the tune that defines New York deep house. When you listen to these new school house tracks from young producers reviving an old school sound, you will hear “Atmospheric Beats”. It’s the blueprint. I can’t really choose one special moment playing it because whenever I drop it, it just LIFTS the floor. Every. Single. Time. No matter where or what crowd – as soon as those horns kick in, everyone goes OFF. There’s nothing else like this record – it is pure magic and always will be.”


Amnaye (TGV, Paris – France) – “Atmospheric Beats – Kerri Chandler” (Ibadan – 2000)

Alors mon morceau préféré de Kerri Chandler c’est “Atmospheric beats” (Extended Version) sur Ibadan…..J’ai rencontré Kerri Chandler quand je sortais aux soirée Cheers, Greg & Sven l’ont booké et c’était la première fois que j’allais le voir, c”était en 2000″ et comme je m’y connaissais en son, Greg et Sven m’ont demandé de les aider pour préparer le set de Kerri, le contact s’est tellement bien passé qu’à chaque fois que Kerri revenais à Paris, j’étais le sound guy attitré et chaque fois j’apprenais un truc sur le son et comment faire sonner un sound system pour que notre musique sonne de manière optimale….tout ceci à aussi grandement contribué à mon introduction dans la scène House parisienne…J’ai une petite anecdote sur la première fois, Kerri avais besoin de liquide nettoyant pour ses vinyls et je lui ai ramené le mien, il me l’a dédicacé à la fin du set et je l’ai toujours presque 10 ans après.

My favorite track is “Atmospheric beats” (extended version) on Ibadan. I met Kerri at Cheers party, run by Greg & Sven. They booked him in 2000, the first time I saw him. As I have knowledge as a sound engineer, Greg & Sven asked me to help them out to set up the booth and sounds for Kerri. That went so well that each time Kerri came over to play in Paris, I was called to set up the sound for him at any house party. Each time, I learned from him how to set the sound up properly in order for our lovely music to sound optimal. I learnd many tips. Due to Kerri, I got introduced to the Parisian house scene. I have a little anecdote from the first time I set up for Kerri: he needed a liquid cleaner for his vinyl, I brought mine. At the end of the party he signed it….after 10 years I still have it ”


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