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Josh Milan (Blaze, Honeycomb Music) – ”Bar A Thym – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“Kerri has been extremely consistent through the years. I remember when I first heard a Kerri track at the Shelter and seeing the crowds reaction to a song we never heard before. Wow. Till this day my all time favorite Kerri joint is ‘Bar A Thym’. The original mix. Still play it.”


Kev Beadle (Southport Weekender, Mind Fluid Radio Show) – “Bar A Thym – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“Love the deep, techy, percussive feel of this track. Always in the box.”


Alex Lowes (Mr Southport Weekender, Suncebeat) – ”Bar A Thym – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“What can I say to Kerri that has not been said a million times before. Kerri, I class you as a true & very deep friend – you’re an inspiration to us all. You’ve been rocking our parties for what, 15 years now? Putting a smile on everyone’s faces, mixing in with the crowd as if you are with them on the dancefloor, in spirit aswell as weaving your magic behind the decks. You have a true feel for our wonderful music & just as importantly, the people that matter – the wonderful crowd in front of you. Always pushing the boundaries & making things happen, whether it be just playing the music we love, getting out the old reel to reels or experimenting with Holograms. I love you man for who you are, the support you’ve given me on numerous occasions & the very great friend you are.

My record that says it all is the Powerhouse Anthem – ”Bar A Thym”


Moody Manc – “Bar a Thym” (Nitegrooves – 2005) & “Coro” (Nitegrooves – 1999)

“It’s not so easy to nail down Kerri Chandler in 1 track because his vision and sound are so broad and deep; the one thing that runs throughout his productions being his overwhelming sense of roots and soul. I’m bending the rules a little but am going to pick two that never leave my bag and that I’d feel confident dropping at ANY party to get things really rocking!

‘Bar a Thym’ is for me simply amazing… Deep, Raw, Soulful and dynamic beyond description. I first heard it on headphones in a record shop and couldn’t contain my excitement (much to the bemusement of the surrounding customers…) One of the few house records that I played over and over, from start to end as soon as I got it home! Sublime!

The other track is “Coro” a deeply rooted afrobeat monster that really gets a dancefloor grooving with a fantastic arrangement and couple of unique “Kerri” ruff twists that are completely frenzy inducing! It simply never fails. Love it!”


Ket Shah (Mucho Soul) – ”Bar A Thym – Kerri Chandler” (Nitegrooves – 2005)

“This is a stomper of a tune from Kerri that always lights up the dancefloor and raises many smiles.”

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