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Irfan (Rainy City Music, Community) – “Can’t You See? (Raw Grooves Vol 3) – Kerri Chandler” (Large – 1997)

“I’ve chosen this track because it brings back soo many good memories playing this at the Rainy City Music parties in Manchester in the mid 90s just after I had put out my first releases. Kerri had come to spin at the Hacienda too and I had bumped into him walking the city streets alone whilst going to record shops. I chose this track over ‘Love Will Find  A Way’ (in which he sings and demonstrates that he could easily have gone down the Josh Milan singing route) and classics like ‘ Inspiration, ‘ Bar A Thym’,’Oblivion’ etc etc because it’s the signature style that made all of us House artists & djs get hooked by his sound. Signature tight drums, rock solid rhythmic chords, hypnotic groove basslines and samples with a bad ass saxophonist taking the track home!


The simplicity in letting the groove hold it together throughout the track and vibing over the top is how Kerri always rocked the House nation. He was smart and hungry enough to be prolific with his releases. I first came across his music via the Bas Noir remixes he did, which Paul Trouble used to hammer at the time. It was the beginning of a certain type of tougher Jersey style Soulful House as we now know it. His music typified a certain inner city Jersey Black American House Music style just like NYC did with East Coast Hip Hop in the same period. But as a fellow artist I respect him far more for making the Afro sound like ‘Coro’, the Brazilian flavoured ‘ Escravos De Jo’, the Nina Simone remix and ‘Space Invaders’ where he shows up us he’s not a ‘one vibe pony’ and a true artist.


Well I’m firm believer in the body language, aura and inner energy of a person when I meet them even if I don’t know a damn thing about them. Most of the big artists and those who’ve had a little bit of success in this scene have big to monumental egos but Kerri is different and is definitely a special human being for sure. My vibe of him is a gentle, peace loving, music making gentleman who loves humanity and shines his positive light all over it. I’m soo glad that he is finally gaining recognition, crossing over into Circo Loco etc and a new younger audience is now appreciating his stripped down dancing House Music! Long may it continue.  Peace Kerri! ”

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