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Gavin Kendrick (Southport Weekender, Suncebeat, Ronnie Scotts, Sound of Dusk) – “Don’t Hide Your Love From Me – Jennifer Morrison, Dennis Ferrer & Kerri Chandler” (Madhouse – 2010)

“A number of Kerri Chandler records have shaped my musical tastes at different times over the past ten years, but there is one that holds a particularly special place for me. It’s taken from the second installment of his ‘A Basement, A Red Light & A Feelin’ series and was released on Madhouse Records in 2002. The CD issue included a bonus DJ mix of the entire album, recorded live at Centro Fly in New York. ‘Don’t Hide Your Love From Me’ was a collaboration with Dennis Ferrer (who also lends background vocals to the track) but this is an unmistakable Kerri Chandler production.

I was going through a difficult period when the album came into my life, and when Kerri worked this track into the mix after Grampa’s hard-hitting ‘Sound of Music Is’, tears flowed as Jennifer Renee Morrison’s heartfelt lyrics inspired me to deal with feelings I’d been running away from for the first time. I can remember the moment as if it was yesterday, this achingly beautiful track being the centre of the experience. It’s one of the few pieces of music that I can sincerely say changed my life – I moved on from that moment as a different, happier person. I’ve never had the chance to personally thank Kerri for what his song did for me, and this is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Thank you Kerri, you have a gift and I am deeply grateful that you continue to share it with us, your worldwide musical family.”

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